As the recognized leader in church stained glass window restoration, we have a comprehensive, detailed building process to ensure everyone of our Denver church clients are beyond satisfied with their finished product. This extraordinary restoration building process is a multi-step project that renews your historical, vintage stained glass windows, restoring them to a exceedingly clean, vibrant new look.

The Assessment for Church Window Stained Glass Restoration

The on-site assessment is incredibly pertinent in the church window stained glass restoration process. The assessment completed by our restoration experts allows us to determine the problems in what exactly are causing your stained glass windows the need for restoration. For instance, if your church’s stained glass windows are bowed shaped, we can determine if it’s an external weather element causing this shape and how to restore your church’s windows to prevent this from happening in the future.

Once the assessment is complete, our team of restoration experts move on to the next step: problem solving. This step details all the ongoing issues that have causes your beautiful stained glass windows to deteriorate, and identifies why this has happened. Based on this problem solving step, our experienced team can manipulate the restoration process to ensure that these issues don’t interfere with your church’s stained glass windows again.

Church Stained Glass Restoration Building Process

Once the analytical steps are completed, we carefully removed the window from your church and bring it back to our workshop. From there, we let the glass soak for at least two weeks in our proprietary soapy blend in order to remove all the dirt buildup from over the last hundred years. We take the lead apart and dispose of it responsibly. Our experts then rebuild your stained glass windows with new lead, ensuring it matches the original lead-work, and duplicates the painted glass technique design. We add a molten mix of lead and tin to seal all the joints in your stained glass window. For the last step, we cover your window with a black cement, strengthening your window, then polishing it off the glass surfaces. We also install additional support bars if needed.

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