Unlike repair services that simply fix damage and add protection, religious stained glass repair involves more than just patching up broken stained glass. It requires an eye for detail and a commitment to maintaining as much of the original stained glass as possible, preserving your church’s most iconic works of stained glass for present and future generations to appreciate. It can be a daunting task to tackle, so it helps to know where to begin.

The First Steps in Religious Stained Glass Repair

Religious stained glass repair is an involved process and takes several steps before repairs can even begin, including:
1. Research
2. Planning
3. Documentation

Research must be done into elements that might affect the glass color and composition or the materials of the surrounding window, such as the region and time period during which the glass was made. A plan of action is then made based on the information found. And throughout the process, a conservator must thoroughly document both what they have discovered and what repairs they are performing for future conservators of the glass.

What Comes Next in the Religious Stained Glass Repair Process

Once a conservator has established the background of the glass, the process of the religious stained glass repair should continue with as minimal interventive treatment to the glass as possible. Repairs should be both long-lasting, yet reversible if needed, including consolidating the structure of the stained glass’ matrix or surrounding architecture, treating missing areas, or treating the glass itself. Once repairs have been made, conservators may opt to install a protective glaze.

When It Comes to Religious Stained Glass Repair, Consult an Expert

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