You have stained glass windows in your church, your congregation is not only blessed with a beautiful piece of art, but also an important part of history. Stained glass windows have been a traditional part of church architecture for decades and continue to be incorporated into modern church designs today.

But where did worshipers get the idea to add stained glass to churches in the first place? How come stained glass windows show up in churches more often than another type of building?

An examination of the history of church stained glass shows us that these traditional works of art were used for more than just aesthetics. Stained glass windows had a very practical role in the church and continue to do so today.

Why Churches & Temples Have Stained Glass Windows

The use of stained glass for religious buildings can be documented back to the 7th century. During this time, people had begun to realize the benefits of stained glass and started building windows with colored glass to add to chapels and monasteries. Later, as the movement grew and spread, stained glass gained an all-time popularity with architects in Europe during the Middle Ages.

But what compelled people to use stained glass to create windows for churches and temples in the first place? What purpose did they serve? It turns out, there are a few practical reasons for using stained glass for windows.

Stained glass lets in natural light.
Light is an important symbol in many religions. It represents purity, the heavens, spirituality, and genesis. Naturally, windows were an important part of the church, so it’s not such a surprise that builders began playing with ways to enhance them. Stained glass provides a certain level of privacy that ordinary windows do not without blocking light transmission.

Stained glass shares important messages.

Stained glass windows were once used to educate people who could not read. By looking at the painted scenes in the glass, people could learn about the stories of the Bible and religious teachings. Today, stained glass continues to work in a similar manner as its imagery reminds worshipers of important values and lessons.

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