Crafting a Vision: The Battle Creek Tabernacle’s Grand Stained Glass Window

October 26, 2023 in Aggrigate, Church And Religious Stained Glass, Featured Project

In 2023, our journey began when we were commissioned by the historic Battle Creek Tabernacle to undertake a remarkable task – the creation of a monumental stained glass window that would grace their sacred space. This 162-square-foot masterpiece would not only pay tribute to their deep-rooted history but also illuminate their path forward. Continue reading »

Featured Project: Stained Glass Restoration for Hopewell Church

March 27, 2023 in Aggrigate, Church Stained Glass Restoration, Featured Project, Stained Glass Restoration

Storms and other types of harsh weather conditions can have a major impact on stained glass. While the majority of churches we work on need restoration due to the impacts of time, we also work with a good amount of churches that have suffered storm damage. The good news is, that with church stained glass restoration, most of the time, storm damage can be reversed and the window can be repaired and made like new. Continue reading »

Del Rio Church Stained Glass Restoration

August 26, 2017 in Church Stained Glass Restoration, Featured Project

del rio church stained glass restoration

Because stained glass can last literally hundreds of years, most stained glass windows have to be restored at least once in their lifetime. The deterioration of stained glass is a completely natural and normal process, though there are certain factors which can lead to its acceleration. Problems with the leading and actual construction of the panels can cause stained glass windows to sag, bow, crack, and lose their beautiful color and appearance. This, unfortunately, was the case for the First United Methodist Church in Del Rio, Texas.
Continue reading »

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