Stained Glass Restoration for Boston, Cambridge, and Newton 

The Boston area is filled with diverse houses of worship.  This includes small chapels dotted throughout the New Hampshire countryside to our north and lovely cathedrals in the Cambridge and Newton areas.  From Beacon Hill to Roxbury and Eagle Hill to Oak Square these lovely churches are filled with beautiful but very old stained glass. From synagogues to cathedrals, these religious facilities feature some of the most amazing stained glass windows in the county.  However,  since stained glass begins to naturally deteriorate at about 75-100 years old, these and are subject to Eastern seaboard storms and sea spray–many are near the end of their life.  

This means many windows here in Boston and the rest of Massachusetts are in dire need of restoration.  

The Church Stained Glass Restoration Process

Restoring stained glass to its original beauty is something we have done time and time again here at Church Stained Glass Restoration.  It is a complicated and detailed process that you can learn more about here.  However, as you will see, the most important part of the restoration is our initial assessment.  This inspection and report will give you all the details you will need to know about your upcoming stained glass project.  The process begins with a restoration assessment for your Boston, Cambridge, or Newton area church, chapel, or synagogue.  This assessment includes: 

  • A restoration cost-benefit analysis
  • A project timeline from start to finish
  • A comprehensive estimate of repairs

Through our years of experience, we know what your congregation needs to make the most informed decision about a stained glass restoration or repair.  Therefore, this detailed assessment will not only help your Boston religious organization make a decision about whether or not to proceed with the restoration, but also give you the information you need to start fundraising. 

Fundraising for Boston, Cambridge, and Newton Religious Stained Glass Restoration

As a pillar of the stained glass restoration business here in the Boston, Cambridge, and Newton area, we here at Church Stained Glass Restoration are well versed in fundraising for projects of this nature.  We are happy area churches from Boston clear up to New Hampshire involve their community in fundraising efforts.   In fact, we’ve successfully completed many restoration projects across the United States that were funded 100% backed from local fundraising efforts! From basic brainstorming assistance to helping you put together a community committee–we are here to make your restoration a reality through donations, Kickstarters, auctions, historical grants, fundraisers, and more. Simply reach out to us to begin your restoration assessment and let us know fundraising is something you would like more information on.

Stained Glass Restoration and Conservation for Boston

Our team has always specialized in church stained glass restoration but happily offers our proprietary services for residential and commercial historic properties as well. If you’re interested in preserving your antique stained glass, we’ve got you covered. Restoration is highly beneficial as it offers better structural integrity, returns your stained glass back to its former glory, restores the antique value, and adds at least another century of product life to its lifespan. Stained glass restoration is ideal for making sure future generations can enjoy your beloved pieces. Our restoration services are great for homes and commercial spaces alike.

Your Leading Source for Church Stained Glass Restoration

Church Stained Glass Restoration is not only a trusted partner for Boston area churches, chapels, synagogues, and cathedrals–we are known all across the United States too.  We are a  highly regarded source for stained glass restoration nationally.  Over more than two decades,  we have successfully repaired stained glass windows in countless houses of God.  We are so successful for many reasons.  First of all, we use both traditional techniques and modern engineering to get the striking results churches are looking for.  Secondly,  our services are extensive and include everything from cleaning and hail damage repair to complete restorations and the creation of new stained glass windows to accomplish this.  Finally, we care about what we do.  Church stained glass is our passion because we fully believe we are preserving pieces of religious history for future generations.   If you are in need of church stained glass restoration and live anywhere in Massachusetts or New Hampshire–please reach out.  We would be honored to have the opportunity to speak with you about your church’s unique stained glass restoration proje

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