Church Stained Glass in Cleveland and Elyria

No matter where you are in The Forest City of Cleveland from Tremont to the Spring Valley neighborhood of Elyria churches of every denomination surround you. From humble synagogues to grandiose Catholic cathedrals, lovely religious structures are common here. Beautiful stained glass is a common sight in these structures. Not only spiritual symbols but striking pieces–these pieces sadly are falling into decline.  This is because stained glass made last century only lasts about 80 years before needing restoration. Since many stained glass windows on chapels here in Cleveland and the rest of Ohio were built at that time–many are in need of work or will be lost to time.

Getting Started with Your Cleveland Church’s Stained Glass Restoration

The first step we take with any religious institution interested in stained glass restoration is to come out and inspect your windows. This will allow us to work up our one-of-a-kind stained glass assessment for you. Our assessments are a critical part of the process, not only for us but also for church leaders or committee members working on restoring them too! The reports help plan the whole project so your body can make informed decisions along the way.

  • A restoration cost-benefit analysis
  • A project timeline from start to finish
  • A comprehensive estimate of repairs

To learn more about the full stained glass restoration process–read here.

The Cleveland/Metro Area’s Leading Source for Church Stained Glass Restoration

You’re in good hands when you hire us.  At Church Stained Glass Restoration in Cleveland, we’ve been restoring and repairing stained glass windows for over two decades. We know exactly what it takes to restore your Cleveland church’s beautiful artistry back to it’s orignial state and have it lasts for centuries more.   We have expertly restored hundreds of church stained glass windows in the last 20 years.

We attribute our success to a handful of principles:

  1. Our use of traditional techniques and modern engineering.   
  2. Our extensive services include everything from stained glass cleaning to complete.
  3. Our commitment to preserving pieces of religious history for future generations.

If your Cleveland or Elyria area church is in need of stained glass repairs, we are happy to provide a complimentary assessment. We have the experience and expertise from years working as professional artisans on stained glass projects across the country and would love to speak with you!  Reach out to us today to schedule a free stained glass inspection.