Stained Glass Restoration for Detroit, Warren, and Dearborn Church 

Detroit, Michigan is The Motor City but has a lot more history than being the center of the automotive world.   There is an eclectic mix of cultures and homes here and historical churches aplenty.  Baptist, catholic methodist, chapels, and Jewish synagogues all grace the landscape of our beautiful city. From Woodbridge down to Walkerville and Springwells Village, all the way over to Grosse Pointe stunning churches are everywhere you travel around here.  These houses of worship are filled with unique and historical stained glass. It is beautiful but also, most of it is now antique stained glass. This is because a lot of the stained glass in the Detroit area was made when this city was a bustling automotive manufacturing hub– over a century ago.  It is a reminder of when the Detroit, Warren, and Dearborn era was booming and building at an incredible rate.  Therefore these stained glass windows are part of this area’s history and culture. Some would argue that this city has some of the most amazing stained glass made in the US. This is why it is so sad that much of it is degrading at a quick clip, as it is nearing a century of age.  If not restored, our amazing church and chapel stained glass treasures will be lost to history.  

The Beginning of Your Detroit Church Stained Glass Restoration Journey

Here at Church Stained Glass Restoration, we guide congregations through the stained glass journey from start to finish.  To learn about the entire in-depth process read here.   Over the years we have learned this journey begins with a good plan and solid communication.  It is a detailed, complicated, and often painstaking process–so we start with a full assessment. After this, we produce a detailed report with the critical information you need to understand your restoration.  From the state of your Detroit area’s church stained glass to the cost and timeline we break things down for you.  This will also help you make the very best decisions about your upcoming stained glass project.  Another purpose for this document is to kick off your entire church’s stained glass restoration.  After years of experience working with churches and church committees, we understand how to take care of all your stained glass restoration needs. 

Our assessment includes: 

  • A restoration cost-benefit analysis
  • A project timeline from start to finish
  • A comprehensive estimate of repairs

As one of the top stained glass restoration experts in the country, we understand the detailed information your congregation needs to make this very big decision about your Detroit, Warren, and Dearborn area stained glass–which is why we provide this service. Beyond giving your congregation critical info, it is also a solid place to start thinking about fundraising.

Fundraising for Detroit, Warren, and Dearborn Religious Stained Glass Restoration

As the Detroit area’s stained glass restoration experts, we are extremely familiar with fundraising methods.  We are always happy to aid churches to begin the sometimes daunting task of raising funds for their historical stained glass.  Over the years we’ve helped many churches in funding raising for their restoration projects across the country. In fact, some churches have even sponsored 100% of their stained glass repairs with fundraising through local efforts! We have ideas for your congregation that range from brainstorming ideas to helping you put together a committee and bake sales to historical grants.  We are here to take the burden off your congregation as much as possible.  We have seen many successful fundraising events–so we know it works!  Please be sure to tell us right away if fundraising is something you would like more information about–we would love to help.

Detroit’s Leading Source for Church Stained Glass Restoration

Here at Church Stained Glass Restoration, we pride ourselves in being a trusted partner to churches, chapels, synagogues, and cathedrals for stained restoration glass projects of all sizes. We are a national company that has built our way to becoming the nation’s stained glass experts for over 25 years. In this time we have successfully repaired, restored, and even recreated stained glass windows in houses of worship, schools, and homes. We attribute our success to myriad things.  However, our use of both traditional techniques and modern technology has allowed us to get unparalleled results and quite a few referrals.  We also offer many different services for stained glass work: hail damage repair, leading repairing, water damage repair, full restorations, and drop-in stained glass repair.  Lastly, we are so very passionate about what we do. Our work repairing church stained glass here in Metro Detroit and around the country is something we cherish!  We understand how much stained glass means to the history of a congregation and enjoy preserving pieces of religious history. If you believe your church’s stained glass may need restoration, please reach out to us. We would be honored to come to do an inspection.  We are fair, honest, and professional and will let you know exactly what you do or do not need.  We serve the entire Eastern Michigan area and would love the chance to consult about your church’s one-of-a-kind stained glass restoration project.