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Church Stained Glass Restoration In Fort Collins

Stained Glass Restoration for Fort Collins Churches, Temples, and Cathedrals

Historic churches, chapels, and temples can be found in abundance in long-established neighborhoods in Fort Collins, including Old Town, Woodridge, and City Park. Some of these houses of worship have stained glass windows that are over 100 years old. Equally as lovely as they are culturally significant, these antique stained glass windows are an important part of Fort Collins’ character and culture. However, in order to stay structurally sound and retain their beauty, aged stained glass windows often require restoration once they hit the 75-100 year mark. Rain, snow, and the high altitude can expedite deterioration and create problems with the structural components of the stained glass. With stained glass restoration, Fort Collins churches can preserve their beautiful stained glass windows and keep an important part of their church’s story alive. Repairing and preserving your stained glass provides considerable benefits to your congregation and ensures that an important part of your church’s architecture can be enjoyed by future generations.

Restoration Process For Churches In Fort Collins

We always begin a stained glass restoration project by completing an onsite inspection. No matter if the damage is minor or significant, inspecting the stained glass is a vital step of the process because it helps determine what plan of action we will pursue for the repairs. Only by seeing the stained glass in person can we accurately evaluate its condition and determine the best course of action for completing the repairs thoroughly and in a financially feasible manner. During this time, we’ll take careful note of all existing and potential concerns and work with you to determine the best option for completing the repairs.

All of our church restoration assessments include:

A restoration cost-benefit analysis

A project timeline from start to finish

A comprehensive estimate of repairs

church stained glass restoration window removal

Once your church has made the decision to go through with the restoration, we will begin by completing as much of the work as possible without removing any pieces. Minor repairs and cleaning can often be attended to without removing the stained glass. However, in the case that the stained glass is very old and fragile or the damage is extensive, we prefer to complete the repairs offsite. This is truly for your benefit, as there is less risk of further damaging the glass, and we can be more thorough with our work. In this case, we will remove the stained glass and take it to our studio.

church stained glass restoration glazing

In the case that only sections of the window need to be repaired, we will carefully remove them and bring them to our studio. Small segments can be safely reached and removed by our workmen using a ladder. In the case that an entire window needs to be repaired or that the damaged sections are large, we will need to use lift equipment to remove the piece safely. Regardless of which route we take, we will ensure that neither your church building nor the stained glass is damaged in the process.

church stained glass restoration window repair parts

Once we’ve safely removed the stained glass and brought it to our studio, we will begin the process of cleaning it and removing all the dirt, grime, and sediment that has built up on the glass over the years. The panels are soaked in a nontoxic, gentle solution and are carefully cleaned and taken apart. Next, we work to complete the most intense part of the process: recreating the original look of the glass. The glass is carefully matched in color and shaped accordingly. Hand-painted details are recreated to match the original design. This process is tedious and time consuming, but it’s well worth it in the end for the beautiful and authentic look it provides.

church stained glass restoration completed

Finally, after hours of work, the stained glass is carefully loaded up and brought back to its home. Once we arrive, we will carefully put the stained glass back in place and replace all missing sections. During this time, we will work as cautiously and quietly as possible so that we do not interrupt your church’s activities or damage your property. In fact, we strive to leave your church in better condition than we found it! This final step is our favorite because we get to see our clients’ faces light up as they see their stained glass once again in perfect condition, just as it was decades ago.

Fort Collins' Church Stained Glass Restoration Experts

Church Stained Glass Restoration is the most highly regarded stained glass studio of its kind in the Fort Collins area. For decades, we have been successfully repairing and restoring antique stained glass windows in temples, synagogues, cathedrals, and churches. For this reason, we are trusted by religious institutions throughout the country. We seamlessly integrate art and science into one process by combining modern methods of engineering with age-old techniques to execute repairs in a flawless manner. Our services include everything from minor chip repair to extensive restorations and full remodels. Due to our vast experience, we are also capable of working with churches to make their projects financially feasible and can even assist with fundraising efforts. With over two decades of experience in church stained glass repair, we are truly experts in our industry and would love the opportunity to work with you on your project! Contact us for more information on church and chapel stained glass repair in Fort Collins today!

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