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Church Stained Glass Restoration is humbled to be Manhattan’s number one stained glass restoration studio. We’ve worked with a multitude of churches and different houses of worship throughout the state of Kansas. With an illustrious stained glass restoration process, we can help you preserve your religious antique stained glass for future generations so that your community can continue to treasure their little piece of history.

church stained glass restoration manhattan kansas

Stained Glass Restoration for Manhattan Churches and Religious Properties

Manhattan has some beautiful historic architecture that holds the unique charm of this city. Many of the churches and religious properties throughout this area have the same distinct architecture, and it houses some incredible religious stained glass pieces. In order to preserve these integral parts of community history, stained glass restoration is necessary.

Manhattan Religious Stained Glass Restoration Process

Often, religious stained glass restoration inquiries occur due to visible signs of damage and deterioration. Severe storms and vandalism may have accelerated this process, or perhaps your church’s stained glass has just reached the 75-100 year old mark. Regardless of the cause, it is important to start restorations in a timely manner so that restoration costs can be minimized.

When you contact our stained glass repair studio, we’ll send a master stained glass artisan to come evaluate your stained glass and provide a detailed assessment. Our stained glass artisan investigates the underlying causes of damage in order to create an individualized repair plan. This assessment will also include a cost-benefit analysis, a projected project timeline, and estimates for the project. Once you’ve decided to undergo the restoration process, our team removes your stained glass windows and delivers them to our local repair studio.

We then soak your church’s stained glass panels in a soap blend in order to delicately remove the dirt that has built up over the years. After your stained glass soaks for up to two weeks, we disassemble it piece by piece. Each piece of glass that’s in good condition is cataloged and set aside while we restore all of the damaged pieces. Our comprehensive inventory of over 10,000 pieces of stained glass ensures we’ll find the perfect match. Even if we don’t have it, we’ll have one custom blown. Hand-painted glass is also replicated by our top artists and baked in our kiln.

Additionally, new lead came is created for sound structural integrity. We complement this with black cement, which is forced into any cracks. Once the cement is dry, we meticulously polish your restored stained glass window. Reinforcement glass may be added as well if we believe it’ll help with better preservation over the next century. Once your stained glass is re-installed, your clergy and congregation members will be shocked by how new it looks.

church stained glass repair manhattan kansas

Manhattan Church, Chapel, and Cathedral Stained Glass Repair

As the leading stained glass repair studio, we can help you with all your repair needs. Since minor damage can always be exacerbated by other circumstances, it is important to be proactive with your repairs. Most minor repairs can be completed within your church and don’t require removal like restoration.

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