Stained Glass Restoration for Churches in Pittsburgh, New Castle, and Weirton

There is a deep and rich religious history here in the Pittsburgh, New Castle, and Weirton areas. Lovely houses of God are visible all across the landscape. From quaint catholic chapels in the South New Castle neighborhood to Mormon tabernacles in Upperhill–we are blessed with gorgeously diverse places of worship. One of the most hallmark parts of these religious structures is their lovely stained glass windows. They are not only beautiful but tell the tale of the churches they grace and the Pittsburgh area as a whole. Sadly, stained glass begins to deteriorate at about 75-100 years. Meaning if these beloved and aging stained glass windows are not restored soon–they are in danger of being lost forever. Contact us for church stained glass restoration in Pennsylvania today! 

The Church Stained Glass Restoration Process

Our team of expert stained glass repair and restoration experts have been restoring church windows for over two decades. Restoring the original beauty is something we love to do, and it’s our passion! The most critical part of repairing or restoring a window is the planning. This is why we start the process with an initial assessment. It is a detailed report that will let you know precisely the state of your glass and what needs to be done. This allows you to plan and make good decisions about your upcoming stained glass restoration project. 

The assessment includes: 

  • A restoration cost-benefit analysis
  • A project timeline from start to finish
  • A comprehensive estimate of repairs

For an in-depth look at the extensive church stained glass restoration project, look here.

Fundraising for Pittsburgh, New Castle, and Weirton Religious Stained Glass Restoration

As an expert in the church stained glass restoration business, we are very familiar with fundraising methods. From brainstorming ideas to aiding you in assembling a church committee–we are here to help make your fundraising for restoring precious artwork as simple as possible. Some examples of fundraisers include Kickstarters, auctions, and historic grants. Be sure to mention you would like fundraising help when you come to do your restoration assessment. We will be happy to guide you through raising funds and tapping into community resources for your Pittsburg area church’s restoration. 

Stained Glass Restoration and Conservation for Pittsburgh Non-Religious Properties

Don’t let age, vandalism, and natural disasters damage your stained glass for good. Our restoration and conservation services can bring any stained glass back to life. While we’ve delivered our expert services for religious properties throughout the nation, we also specialize in commercial and residential properties. Whether you have a historic painted glass panel in your business that requires restoration or an antique window in your older home, we’d love the opportunity to properly preserve it. We have different restoration and conservation services dependent on your specific piece. Experience comprehensive assessments and customized restoration plans for addressing your stained glass deterioration.

Pittsburgh’s Leading Source for Church Stained Glass Restoration

Church Stained Glass Restoration is a company that specializes in restoring historic stained glass on churches across the nation. In our two decades as stained glass restoration experts, we have worked on thousands of windows. We use both traditional techniques and modern technology to get the amazing results for which we are known. Also, our extensive services include everything from basic window cleaning to hail damage repair or complete restoration work as needed. Not only are we experts, but we love what we do. We believe we are preserving pieces of religious history for future generations’ experience. Contact us today to schedule a visit to your Pittsburgh, New Castle, or Weirton church–we would love to come out and do a free inspection and speak with your congregation.

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