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Poughkeepsie, New York

Located in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York, Poughkeepsie is known for its numerous historic districts, centuries old stone buildings, and Victorian style architecture. Notable churches include Old St. Peter’s Church, Dutchess County’s First Church, and the First Congregational Church. Many of these churches, built in the 1800’s, have stained glass windows that are still intact today and are among Poughkeepsie’s most treasured artworks.

Church Stained Glass Restoration is committed to preserving these historic, meaningful works of art. Our services are designed to aid in the preservation and rehabilitation of historic churches. If you are in need of church stained glass repair or restoration in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Middletown, or the Hudson Valley, we would be honored to be part of your project.

church stained glass repair poughkeepsie

Stained Glass Restoration for Poughkeepsie, Newburgh & Middletown Churches

It is important to keep your church’s stained glass windows in good condition. Often, stained glass windows are an important focal point  and, if damaged beyond repair, will be a hazard for every person who passes through.

Furthermore, stained glass may attract new parishioners or members looking for spiritual guidance. Existing members may also feel a sentimental attachment tied to memories they have of growing up in the church and seeing the stained glass every Sunday morning.

In addition to all this, stained glass windows add a unique and beautiful aesthetic quality that can make a property stand out. Stained glass windows increase the value of a church building which could be beneficial if you ever decide to sell or relocate.

The stained glass windows at your New York church or house of worship can be restored with our help. This is a time-consuming and laborious process, but the result will be well worth it because you’ll have beautiful art for years to come.

poughkeepsie church stained glass restoration

Restoration Process for Poughkeepsie Church Stained Glass

When you call us, we will come to your church and inspect the stained glass. We’ll tell you what needs repairing and what steps will have to be taken to fix the damage. Then, we’ll send over a proposal for you to review.

After you give us your official approval, we’ll start the repairs right away. When possible, we try to complete repairs onsite in order to save time. In many cases, however, it is best for some of these more delicate jobs to be completed in our studio.

After soaking in a cleansing solution, the stained glass is taken apart. Damaged pieces are exchanged for new matching ones and hand-painted details are recreated by an experienced artisan. The newly restored piece of art becomes stronger with new lead caming and cement. Then, it is cleaned and polished one final time.

The stained glass windows are brought back to their rightful place in the church. This is where they will live for another 100 years, shining brighter and more beautifully than ever before.

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Poughkeepsie Religious Stained Glass Repair

If you have a stained glass project that needs some attention, we can help. Whether it’s minor repairs due to accidental breakage or vandalism or something more extensive, let us know and our experts will be happy to provide advice on the matter.

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