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The Church Stained Glass Restoration Experts in Arizona

Stained glass windows are engineered for longevity. With minimal care, church stained glass can last for hundreds of years, standing as a reminder of the history of the church and preserving its culture. Nevertheless, there comes a time when all stained glass windows require care and cleaning in order to preserve their structural integrity and vibrancy. In Arizona, the intense desert heat, monsoons, and dust storms can take a toll on stained glass and slowly degrade its appearance.

By opting for church stained glass restoration, you can protect and preserve the beautiful artwork in your Scottsdale temple, cathedral, or chapel so that it can continue to be enjoyed by the members of your congregation. Church stained glass restoration is an intensive process, but when executed correctly, it can add years onto the lifetime of stained glass. Our experienced staff will work with skill and precision to perform all the necessary repairs to your stained glass windows and improve their appearance and composition. Being in business for over 25 years, we are the most reputable and experienced stained glass studio of our kind, and we offer comprehensive church stained glass restoration services to Scottsdale, Old Town, North Scottsdale, Tempe, and the surrounding area, as well as the rest of Arizona.

church stained glass restoration scottsdale

Stained Glass Restoration for Scottsdale Churches, Temples, and Cathedrals

Stained glass windows are an important part of the identity of a church, and they provide privacy while protecting the church interior from the elements. Unfortunately, many churches fail to recognize warning signs of deterioration, such as bowed glass, chalky leading, loose bars, or cracks in the glass or leading, which ultimately leads to the destruction of rare and beautiful works of art. By addressing damage and signs of deterioration immediately and contacting a stained glass restoration expert, you can preserve the lovely stained glass and historical appearance of your church.

Restoration Process for Scottsdale Church Stained Glass

The first step in the stained glass restoration process is an onsite inspection. Typically, a member of the church who is acting as an advocate will contact us after noticing signs of wear in the stained glass. If photographs are sent to us, we can provide a quick phone consultation, but we will eventually need to visit the church in person to perform a proper evaluation. During the onsite visit, we will carefully scan for signs of damage and evaluate the condition of the stained glass. Once we’ve gained an understanding of the work that needs to be done, we will compose a proposal that outlines possible avenues for repair, which will be sent to your church board for review.

After we’ve received an approval from your church in writing, we will commence the actual process of church stained glass restoration. In an effort to conserve time and resources, we will complete as many of the repairs onsite as possible. First, the putty holding the glass in place is chipped off, and the stained glass is removed. If possible, we will complete all the cleaning and repairs right then and there. However, many times we find that the best route is to conduct the repairs and restoration offsite in our workshop, where we can be safe and thorough.

Once at our studio, the stained glass is soaked in a bath of gentle cleansing solution for up to 14 days. This helps to remove some of the dirt, and it makes it easier to take the windows apart. Then, the pieces are separated and taken apart. Severely damaged lead and glass are discarded and replaced. If necessary, we can contact the proper manufacturers to have matching lead or glass created. If the glass is painted, we will paint all the details on the replacement pieces. Often, this requires us to paint and fire numerous pieces until we can produce a perfect match. Then, the stained glass is put back together, cemented, and reinforced with steel brace bars.

Finally, we complete the last step in the process. The stained glass windows are brought back to the church for installation. The temporary glass we’ve put in place is removed, and the stained glass windows are carefully installed. Tempered safety glass may be added to the exterior for protective purposes. Once the installation is complete, we can step back and watch as the details and color of the stained glass are illuminated in the sunlight. Your church can now enjoy the beauty of your stained glass for several decades longer.

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Scottsdale Religious Stained Glass Repair

If you have stained glass windows that need minor repair, our team will be happy to help. Whether damaged by hail, wind, or heat, we will work with you to find the best option for repairs. As the leading church stained glass repair experts in Scottsdale, we are extremely well versed in working with all types of stained glass, including both historic and contemporary pieces. Let our team assist you with all your repair needs!

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