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Topeka’s Preferred Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Church Stained Glass Restoration is honored to be the preferred stained glass restoration studio providing restoration and repairs for houses of worship throughout Topeka and surrounding areas. Our accredited restoration services promote the best restorations available in the nation. Our stained glass specialists are here to help ensure your beloved stained glass is kept in great condition for generations to come.

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Stained Glass Restoration for Topeka Religious Facilities and Houses of Worship

Topeka is rich with culture and history which is definitely reflected in their church stained glass. Religious stained glass is laced throughout the community’s many churches offering consistent inspiration among all their congregation members. Stained glass can really transform the worshiping process for many and remain significant due to its historic and antique value. Restoration offers a way to keep these important panels in great condition for centuries.

Restoration Process for Topeka Church Stained Glass

Most church stained glass restoration projects are started because either a clergy or congregation member notices damage among their stained glass. Minor to severe damage should always be addressed in a timely fashion in order to avoid irreversible deterioration. Although the most severely damaged stained glass can usually be restored, the issue lies within the cost. Repairs and restorations completed in the right time frame costs significantly less which will all be outlined in the cost-benefit analysis.

Once someones inquires about restoration, we provide an on-site assessment of your stained glass. This thoroughly determines the root causes behind deterioration as well as the comprehensive cost-benefit analysis, project timeline, and project estimates. In order to properly restore your church’s stained glass, we will need to remove them and carefully transport them back to our stained glass studio.

From there your Topeka church’s stained glass is soaked in a proprietary soap blend in order to remove all the dirt and grime that has built up over the years. This process also loosens all the pieces so we can disassemble it with ease. We restore all broken pieces of glass from our inventory of over 10,000 pieces of glass. If the perfect color match isn’t found, we’ll have one blown. Hand-painted glass is also restored by one of our artists that specializes in the specified style of painting.

We create a new lead came to frame and hold all of your stained glass pieces and force black cement into the joints for further reinforcement. A new clear layer of glass may also be added for sound structural integrity. Once everything is dried and polished, your church’s stained glass is returned for re-installation. Your congregation members will be stunned by the luminosity and fresh new look of your original stained glass windows.

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Topeka Church Stained Glass Repair

Minor damage can always lead to severe damage if left unresolved. We offer comprehensive stained glass repair services that can address any sort of damage you’re experiencing! Minor repairs can typically be conducted on-site and don’t require removing your stained glass.

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