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The Trusted Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Church Stained Glass Restoration is proud to be the trusted religious stained glass restoration studio serving Wichita and the surrounding areas in Kansas. Our renowned restoration services have helped numerous community churches, chapels, cathedrals, and other houses of worship maintain their treasured stained glass. From minor repairs to significant restorations, our team of stained glass artisans are experienced in repairing damages of all severities.

religious stained glass restoration witchita

Religious Stained Glass Restoration for Wichita Chapels, Cathedrals, Churches, and More

Wichita has some of the most beautiful historic church stained glass pieces in the country. With immense historical value among the community, many churches prioritize restoring these stained glass pieces. Stained glass requires restoration about every 75-100 years. If restoration isn’t completed in a timely manner, the damage can be very costly to repair and may outweigh the antique value.

Restoration Process for Wichita Religious Stained Glass

There are numerous things that can cause the deterioration of your stained glass. From vandalism to the natural aging process, stained glass can fall victim to a lot of damage over the years. Natural deterioration caused by environmental factors can lead to damaged glass, a white film on the glass itself from disintegrating lead, discoloration, and more. If you’re uncertain if your stained glass is a candidate for repair, restoration, or replacement, contact a stained glass repair studio to help you determine the current condition.

Once we’re contacted about a potential church stained glass restoration, we have a master stained glass artisan conduct an onsite assessment of your antique stained glass. This assessment determines all of the causes of deterioration in order to create a custom repair plan. Our assessment will also provide a cost-benefit analysis, project timeline, and in-depth estimates.

When you decide to undergo the restoration process, we carefully remove your stained glass and transport it back to our local Wichita repair studio. The panels are soaked for up to two weeks in our proprietary soap blend. This process delicately removes all impurities and dirt that have built up over the last century while allowing us to meticulously remove each component piece-by-piece.

We restore each piece of damaged glass by finding the perfect match in our expansive inventory. If we can’t find the exact matching color, we’ll have a piece of glass custom blown. Hand-painted glass is replicated based on technique and is baked in our kiln. We also create a completely new lead came for your church’s stained glass window for optimized structural integrity. A piece of reinforcement glass may be added based on the causes of deterioration. Black cement is forced into all cracks to solidify the piece. Once dried, your stained glass is polished and installed back in your Wichita church.

church stained glass repair wichita

Wichita Religious Stained Glass Repair

Minor scratches and damages can typically be repaired without having to remove your stained glass windows. These smaller repairs can be completed quickly and affordably. Our stained glass repair studio is happy to help with any damages on your church’s stained glass windows.

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