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Church Stained Glass Restoration is proud to be the leading trusted stained glass restoration studio serving houses of worship throughout the nation. We’re honored to share some of our favorite restoration projects, providing portfolio pieces and inspiring outcomes that continue to give back to communities and congregations.


Featured Church Stained Glass Restoration Projects

Vernon AME Church, Oklahoma Stained Glass Restoration

We’re humbled to have successfully restored all 131 original stained glass panels at the historic Vernon AME Church in Tulsa, OK. This historical landmark is the only standing Black-owned property still in existence from the Tulsa Race Massacre. We’re honored to have the opportunity to donate a memorial stained glass window to help preserve the incredible resilience of this community.

tiffany-stained-glass-restoration connecticut

Greens Farms Church, Connecticut Stained Glass Restoration

We’re honored to have successfully conserved this original Tiffany stained glass window located in Westport, CT. We were able to implement custom LED lighting while restoring both layers of original stained glass, giving this incredible piece an ethereal glow. Tiffany glass requires special conservation efforts due to the techniques and types of glass used.

Church Stained Glass Restoration Portfolio

central christian church stained glass restoration

Central Christian Church, Texas Stained Glass Restoration

Central Christian Church, located in San Antonio, Texas, experienced extensive smoke damage that was left unaddressed. This caused severe oxidation, weakened lead, warped panels, and a variety of other concerns. We’re honored to have provided a proper restoration for their 23 original stained glass windows, returning them to their original glory. Learn more about our recent restoration project.

central christian church stained glass restoration texas

Soldier’s Memorial Chapel, Colorado Stained Glass Restoration

The beautiful stained glass windows in Fort Carson’s Soldier’s Memorial Chapel were significantly damaged by a severe hailstorm. About 27 pieces of hand-painted glass were smashed or cracked, requiring immediate restoration. Our stained glass artisans did an incredible job restoring their painted glass. Learn more about their restoration project.

church stained glass restoration scottsdale az

Sunset Funeral Home Mausoleum, Texas Stained Glass Restoration

Hail is often a culprit behind severe stained glass damage. Backed by an insurance claim, Sunset Funeral Home Mausoleum was able to obtain our services for a thorough restoration of their stained glass. Learn more about their restoration project.

church stained glass wheat ridge restoration

Wheat Ridge Congregational Church Stained Glass Restoration

This original Tiffany-style stained glass window suffered from unfortunate bullet holes along with various cracks, deteriorating lead, and significant dirt buildup. Located in Wheat Ridge CO, this hidden gem was truly a pleasure to restore. We implemented proprietary conservation techniques since this window is believed to be a possible original Tiffany piece. Learn more about this stained glass restoration project.

South side Center Christ Window (45 x 90) (960x1280)

First United Methodist Church, Texas Stained Glass Restoration

Due to age-related deterioration, the 29 original stained glass windows in the First United Methodist Church required restoration in order to keep them intact. We’re honored to have successfully restored approximately 20,000 pieces of individual stained glass. Learn more about their restoration project.

texas san antonio church stained glass restoration

Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Texas Stained Glass Restoration

With an abundance of historical value, Mount Olive Lutheran Church has been a staple in its community. With missing stained glass pieces and considerable damage, we’re happy to have been able to properly restore their inspirational windows. Learn more about this comprehensive restoration project.


First United Methodist Church, Missouri Stained Glass Restoration

Significantly impacted by a tornado, First United Methodist Church experienced damage to their 130-year-old stained glass windows. As one of our larger restoration projects, we’re proud to have been able to restore all of their stained glass. Learn more about their amazing restoration project.

Lutheran Hospital Chapel, Colorado Stained Glass Restoration

Damaged by a severe hailstorm, many of the stained glass windows in the Lutheran Hospital Church were impacted by the golf ball-sized hail. We provided a thorough offsite restoration that was able to bring the windows back to their original condition. Learn more about this incredible restoration project.

leavensworth church stained glass restoration

First United Methodist Church, Kansas Stained Glass Restoration

With Plexiglas contributing to accelerated deterioration, First United Methodist Church sought out a solution that would make their stained glass viewable from the outside again. The warped nature of their stained glass required a full restoration, and the Plexiglas and exterior framing needed replacing as well. Learn more about their stained glass restoration project.

dalle de verre glass restoration

First Baptist Highlands, Texas Dalle de Verre Restoration

Dalle de Verre is a unique stained glass method that utilizes a colorful mix of hammered glass that’s set in a matrix of concrete and epoxy resin. It requires a lot of maintenance and care, especially compared to stained glass, making this a rare option in churches. Learn more about this challenging Dalle de Verre restoration we completed in Highlands, Texas.

Bales Community Church Before-After Restoration (2)

Bales Avenue Community Church, Missouri Stained Glass Restoration

The Bales Avenue Community Church unfortunately fell victim to vandalism. Their stained glass windows were severely damaged from rocks being thrown at them while the church was unoccupied the evening before. We were able to create a restoration plan that successfully repaired this extensive damage. Learn more about their amazing restoration project.

church stained glass repair

First Presbyterian Church, Nebraska Stained Glass Restoration

A severe hailstorm damaged the original stained glass windows housed in the First Presbyterian Church. We proudly worked with their insurance company to ensure all of their restoration work was covered by their insurance claim. Extensive onsite repairs brought beauty and life back to their treasured stained glass windows. Learn more about their incredible restoration project.

Sam Houston State University Stained Glass Replication Project

This is our first stained glass replication project and it proved truly challenging to achieve perfection when replicating someone else’s work. Sam Houston State University wanted to create a commemorative stained glass window based on an original window that was lost in a tragic fire in 1982. We created a full commemorative stained glass window based on a small photo taken of the original glass in a 1964 yearbook. Learn more about this incredible replication project.

church stained glass restoration california

Little Church of the Pines Stained Glass Restoration 

This beautiful church experienced a severe windstorm that ended up breaking and blowing in one of their original stained glass windows. The church housed ten matching stained glass windows so a perfect repair was necessary in order to maintain the consistent look throughout. Learn more about this incredible repair project.

church stained glass restoration chicago

Chicago Temple Miracle Church

This church experienced a large storm that blew out its protective Plexiglas. Debris from the storm subsequently damaged the exposed stained glass, requiring restoration and improved protective glass features. Learn more about this incredible restoration and exterior protective glass project.

the rising church stained glass restoration

The Rising Church 

The church experienced unintentional vandalism that resulted in 90% of its original stained glass windows being damaged. With its own unique challenges and custom restoration plan, we’re honored to have successfully completed this project. Learn more about our church stained glass restoration project at The Rising Church.

holy trinity holy cross orthodox church stained glass restoration

The Holy Trinity & Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Cathedral

This cathedral had an unfortunate incident of vandalism that left one of its large antique windows destroyed. The main goal of the project was to create a perfect replication so that no one could tell the difference between the old and new windows. Learn more about this vandalism restoration project.

moanalua stained glass after

Moanalua Community Church in Honolulu, Hawaii

The Pearl Harbor Memorial Window is an enchanting composition that measures forty-four feet across and thirty feet high, and consists of 140 separate sections. The historic window had suffered severe damage over the years. Learn more about this historic stained glass restoration project.

hopewell church stained glass restoration holly springs ms

Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Holly Springs, MS

This church had beautiful stained glass that was suddenly and severely damaged by a violent storm. We used a combination of new and old materials to repair the damaged windows and restore their beauty. Learn more about this storm damage project.

los angeles church stained glass restoration rose hills

Rose Hills Memorial Chapel in Los Angeles, CA

This famous Dalle Glass in Los Angeles was in critical condition and in need of immediate repairs. Learn more about this chapel stained glass restoration project.

stained glass restoration bakersfield california church

The First Presbyterian Church in Bakersfield, CA

The First Presbyterian Church of Bakersfield is a beautiful church that is home to a set of hand-painted stained glass windows known as “The Apostles’ Creed” windows. An unknown person had thrown a steel pipe at the window and caused critical damage to the protective covering and the stained glass itself. Learn more about this church stained glass conservation project.

pope john paul church stained glass pagosa springs

Pope John Paul II Catholic Church in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

We were commissioned by the church to design a set of stained glass windows for their newly constructed chapel. Learn more about this church stained glass design project.

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