little church in the pines stained glass restoration california

The Little Church in the Pines in Fresno, CA

Stained Glass Restoration

stained glass church restoration california

The Little Church of the Pines Stained Glass Project Background

The Little Church of the Pines is a beautiful church located in Fresno, CA. One evening, they experienced a severe windstorm that actually blew in one of the windows. The church housed ten original stained glass windows that all had the same design and were built into wooden frames with latches that allowed each window to be opened. The windstorm destroyed one of its matching windows, with almost half of the glass blown in.

Stained Glass Restoration Project Challenges

Since all ten windows had the same design, finding the glass for a perfect match for the damaged window was imperative. If this wasn’t possible, all ten windows would require replacement in order to have a matching aesthetic. The original stained glass windows contained older glass that was no longer being manufactured. Luckily, we were able to find two perfect matches in our own inventory and had the third custom-made for the repair.

little church in the pines stained glass restoration california

Successful Stained Glass Restoration

Once all the pieces were restored, assembled, and reinstalled, the repaired window matched perfectly with the other original nine windows. The benefit of this repair project was that it saved the insurance company about $180,000. Rather than replacing all ten windows in order to match, we were able to achieve a successful repair.

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