pope john paul church stained glass pagosa springs

Pope John Paul II Catholic Church in Pagosa Springs, CO

Religious Stained Glass Project

Pope John Paull II Catholic Church is a beautiful church located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We were commissioned by the church to design a set of stained glass windows for their newly constructed chapel. Our team worked closely with the church to understand their concerns and desires for the new design and create a beautiful set of stained glass windows that would become part of their legacy.

About the Project

With a history reaching back to 1873, the church is a focal point of activity for the Catholic Community in Pagosa Springs and is cherished by its members. In 2009, the church was moved to a new building on South Pagosa Blvd to house its growing community. In just a few short years, the flourishing community outgrew this space and the church decided to construct a 4,200 square foot addition. 

As part of the design plans, the new space included an expansive set of windows located behind the altar. The church committee asked us to design a set of stained glass windows that could be used in place of the standard glass. The stained glass would highlight the altar area and serve as a beautiful backdrop that visitors could gaze upon while attending events and services in the chapel. 

Stained Glass Windows Featuring the Four Evangelists

The church had a specific set of parameters for this project. We worked closely with them to develop a solution that was economically feasible while also accounting for their aesthetic goals and preferences. In the end, they chose a design that featured a beautiful sunburst that would radiate from the cross hanging in the center of the room along and portrayed the Four Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. We conducted exhaustive research on the lives of the apostles in order to ensure historic accuracy and bring their teachings to life. 

st john stained glass pagosa springs

Saint John

Saint John was depicted as holding a golden chalice, with a snake emerging from the cup. The story behind this is that St. John was given a cup of wine which had been poisoned but that, by his blessing, the poison came out of it in the form of a snake, and he was able to drink the wine unharmed. 

st luke stained glass pagosa springs

Saint Luke

Saint Luke, the patron of artists, was portrayed holding a paintbrush and is in the middle of painting a picture of the Virgin Mary and Christ Child. By his side is a small figurine of an ox, a sacrificial animal known for its strength, reliability, and service to mankind.

pagosa springs stained glass st mark

Saint Mark

Saint Mark is depicted as being seated next to a lion and is in the middle of writing. This is because he was the pioneer in Gospel writing. His is the shortest and the oldest of the Gospels. According to legend, Saint Mark once took refuge from a storm in the city of Venice and was visited in a dream by an angel in the form of a winged lion.

colorado stained glass st matthew

Saint Matthew

Saint Matthew is shown writing his gospel which is said to have been inspired by an angel. The angel is his traditional iconographic symbol. Saint Matthew was the primary documenter of the life of Christ.

pope john paul church stained glass pagosa springs

Sunburst and Holy Cross

The design also features a colorful sunburst which radiates from a cross hanging in the center of the room. Our team worked meticulously to ensure that all of the sun rays connected properly across the windows, including the ones on the adjacent walls which were positioned at angle. 


Other Design Considerations

The stained glass was to be installed in a set of four large windows. Because of the size of the windows, it was not possible for us to make the stained glass inserts in one piece. Therefore, we had to build a custom steel framing. We installed the steel frame into the existing frame of the window. Each window was divided into three to four sections and we made a stained glass panel for each one. This unique design allowed the stained glass to have adequate structural support and also made it easier and faster for us to install. We were able to complete the entire project in just six months, from start to finish.

Project Outcome

Going into this project, we knew how important it was to the church to be able to have something that would bring a sense of pride and joy to their congregation. We are glad that we were able to build a strong relationship with the church committee and earn their trust. The stained glass is a beautiful addition to the newly constructed chapel. We hope that it will delight and inspire those who come to worship in this sacred place for many years to come. 

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