Restore the Beauty of Your Church’s Stained Glass Windows

“Hello, I’m Martin Faith and I’m the owner of Scottish Stained Glass. For over three decades, our team of passionate artisans has poured their hearts into the delicate art of restoring stained glass windows. Since our humble beginnings in 1991, we’ve been honored to serve churches of all denominations across the nation and have successfully completed well over 100,000 projects.

Restoration isn’t just about preserving the exquisite and timeless beauty of stained glass; it’s about honoring the stories etched within each pane, stories of faith, hope, and resilience. Stained glass windows are stunning architectural features, but they’re also more than that – they’re living artifacts, embodying the spirit and soul of every worshipper who has ever gazed upon them. When you make the decision to invest in restoration, you’re not only preserving your church’s history and legacy; you’re making a promise to uphold the sacred traditions and memories that bind your community together.”

Martin Faith, Founder and Owner

Complete Guide to Church Stained Glass Restoration

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South side Center Christ Window (45 x 90) (960x1280)

Our Services for Church Stained Glass Restoration & Repair

Stained glass windows possess an enduring beauty that can last for decades, but over time, they require special care and maintenance. At Church Stained Glass Restoration, our passion lies in reviving and preserving these magnificent artworks, ensuring they can be cherished for centuries to come.


Dedicated Stained Glass Conservation

For a quarter of a century, Scottish Stained Glass has been dedicated to serving religious communities across the nation, bringing unparalleled expertise in church stained glass restoration and repair services. Our services are designed to return stained glass to its original, radiant state while also enhancing its structural integrity. We understand that these cherished treasures can suffer damage from various sources, whether it be the forces of nature, the passage of time, or unfortunate acts of vandalism. Whatever the cause, our team of conservationists is here to meticulously handle the situation and breathe new life into your beautiful stained glass.


The Nation’s Trusted Source for Stained Glass Restoration

With over 100,000 stained and leaded glass installations completed, our passion for crafting and restoring stained glass has garnered recognition from esteemed media outlets like HGTV, NBC, CBS, and the DIY Network. While we are humbled by this recognition, our greatest joy lies in the heartfelt connections we’ve forged with religious organizations over the years. From cathedrals to temples, and mosques to synagogues, each project is a testament to the diverse tapestry of faith and culture we’ve had the privilege to be a part of. Our deep-seated knowledge and experience in handling antique stained glass set us apart, allowing us to breathe new life into these timeless treasures in ways that surpass the ordinary.


Our Story

Martin Faith, a skilled stained glass artisan hailing from the vibrant city of Glasgow, Scotland, embarked on a transformative journey in 1991. Alongside his beloved wife, they ventured across the Atlantic to make Denver, Colorado, their new home, bringing not just their personal belongings, but also their boundless passion for the art of glassmaking. Together, they laid the foundation for what would become the most revered stained glass company in the nation. From its humble beginnings in Colorado, Scottish Stained Glass has flourished, spreading its wings to encompass a national presence with several satellite locations.

On the right is a historic window that was badly damaged by vandalism. To make matters worse, all the broken pieces were thrown in the trash by the cleaning crew!


Our Investment in the Religious Community

Religious projects hold a deeply fulfilling significance for our team. Each endeavor is an opportunity to craft something not just aesthetically pleasing but profoundly meaningful for churches and their communities, igniting joy that resonates for years to come. Our goals reach far beyond mere craftsmanship; we endeavor to foster enduring partnerships with our clients, nurturing a bond built on trust and collaboration. With every project, we aspire to create a legacy of beauty and inspiration that stands the test of time, ensuring our clients feel welcome to entrust us with their present and future aspirations.

On the left is the fully restored panel.

Bring new life and beauty to your church with church stained glass restoration from Scottish. Contact our office to speak to a designer about your project or to receive an estimate on our services.

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