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cathedral stained glass restoration

Cathedral Stained Glass Restoration

During the Middle Ages in Europe, one of the most common forms of painting was stained glass. Now, these magnificent windows in Europe’s famous cathedrals are some of the most iconic images of religious stained glass art. Those that stand before them can observe the way they let light flood over the church’s altars, pews, and statues, radiating an array of prismatic colors. Cathedral stained glass is traditionally characterized by biblical imagery, deep royal colors, and intricate detail.

Cathedral Stained Glass Styles

Since its origin in Europe, cathedral stained glass has evolved dramatically. Now, in the United States and across the world, cathedral stained glass styles range from traditional to highly abstract and contemporary. Some of the most popular stained glass styles in cathedrals today include floral, Art Deco, and Prairie. The style of stained glass a cathedral chooses is typically based on the beliefs and personality of the church.

cathedral stained glass repair

Cathedral Stained Glass Restoration and Repair

Many cathedral stained glass windows are hundreds of years old and are now considered antiques. As a result, many windows have had to combat the elements and the passage of time for several decades and are beginning to deteriorate. Bowed leading, cracked glass, and hail damage are all very common in cathedral stained glass. Our team members are experts at identifying and addressing these issues. We can restore your stained glass windows to their original strength and beauty and make them look as good as new.

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