South side Center Christ Window (45 x 90) (960x1280)

Church Stained Glass Restoration

Stained Glass windows will generally last for decades but eventually they need restoration or they will be lost forever. At Scottish Stained Glass we have a passion for restoring and preserving beautiful church stained glass windows to be enjoyed for centuries to come.



About Church Stained Glass Restoration

For the past twenty five years, Scottish Stained Glass has been providing religious communities throughout the nation with church stained glass restoration and repair services. We specialize in restoring stained glass to an almost “brand new” condition. Stained glass can be damaged by mother nature, old father time or unfortunate acts of vandalism. No matter the cause our team of conservationists handle the situation and bring your beautiful glass back to life.


The Nation’s Leading Source for Church Stained Glass Restoration

We have completed over 40,000 stained and leaded glass installations and have been spotlighted in various media outlets such as HGTV, NBC, CBS, and the DIY Network on multiple occasions. Throughout the years, we have worked with various religious organizations to manufacture and restore their stained glass windows.

Our projects involve artwork for denominations and buildings of every type, including cathedrals, temples, mosques, synagogues, and more. Due to our vast amount of knowledge and experience in dealing with antique stained glass, our remodeling and renovation services far exceed those provided by our competitors.


Our Company History

Martin Faith is a gifted stained glass artisan from Glasgow, Scotland. In 1991, he and his beloved wife moved from their home in Glasgow to Denver, Colorado, bringing with them their immense collection of antique panels as well as their passion for glass making. They then founded what is now the most widely recognized stained glass company in the country. Since our beginning in Colorado, Scottish Stained Glass has grown to have national reach and is now comprised of several satellite locations.

On the right is a historic window which was badly damaged by vandalism. To make matters worse all the broken pieces were thrown in the trash by the cleaning crew!


Our Investment in the Religious Community

Working on religious projects is an especially rewarding experience for our team. We strive to create something that is beautiful and meaningful for churches and their community that will bring them joy for several years time. Our goal is to build a lasting partnership with our clients so that they feel comfortable coming to us with any of their current and future glasswork needs.

On the left is the fully restored panel.

Bring new life and beauty to your church with church stained glass restoration from Scottish. Contact our office to speak to a designer about your project or receive an estimate on our services.

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