Painted Glass & Fired Glass Restoration

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painted stained glass restoration

Painted Glass and Fired Glass Restoration

Painted glass, or also referred to as fired glass, is a type of medium commonly used throughout stained glass windows, lighting features, hanging panels, and much more. Painted glass is often utilized throughout churches in order to showcase religious figures, quotes, important teachings, and other detail-oriented imagery. This versatile medium can be featured on its own or incorporated into other glass components to create stunning art pieces. Painted glass is often created in layers, requiring a kiln for the firing and setting process.

church painted glass restoration

Painted Glass Restoration for Churches and Houses of Worship

Stained glass restoration requires a high level of expertise. Most stained glass restoration studios in the nation, unfortunately, don’t have the training to properly restore painted glass. We’re honored to have painted glass conservation specialists on our team that has the experience specialized technique for restoring these types of glass.

As with all of our stained glass restoration projects, our goal is to always preserve as much as the original work as possible. Our passion is true conservation– we’ve crafted numerous innovative restorative processes in order to successfully execute this goal.

church painted stained glass restoration

Our Painted Glass Restoration Process

Our painted glass specialists are trained to replicate every brush stroke based on the practices of that time period. We 100% color match by through paint as well as custom glass creation. Painted glass often requires numerous layers of paint with kiln firings between each layer. We complete each layer of paint to create a perfect match in order to preserve the original artist’s intentions. We only replace the glass itself if the original is significantly damaged and beyond repair.

Restoring Broken Painted Glass Pieces

Church Stained Glass Restoration offers a proprietary process in which we are able to restore broken painted glass pieces. We’ve developed a highly-effective adhesive for achieving invisible restoration. If you have all the original pieces, we can piece them back together with this method. Once cured and complete, the restored painted glass will last the life of the window.

Church Stained Glass Restoration is honored to be one of the few studios in the nation that’s capable of properly restoring painted glass from any time period. Make sure that your church’s treasured painted glass windows are preserved for your congregation and community. Contact us today for your free consultation!