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Akron, Ohio

Stained Glass Repair & Restoration

The settlement of Akron, Ohio began in 1811. The area was chosen due to its convenient location along the developing Ohio and Erie canal. Akron grew rapidly as a city and rapidly became a hub for political and business activity in the Midwest. Historic churches like the Universalist Old Stone Church and the First Methodist Episcopal Church played a central role in the city’s activities over the years, the latter being the first church built using the Akron Plan. These centuries old houses of worship are a glorious reminder of Akron’s past and continue to illuminate the lives of those who reside in the city.

Church Stained Glass Restoration is honored to be part of the mission of preserving Akron’s historic churches. Our stained glass repair and restoration services allow churches to preserve their most treasured artwork so that its beauty can be enjoyed by future generations. If you belong to a church in Akron, Kent, Cuyahoga Falls, or the surrounding area that needs stained glass repair, we would be honored to be part of your project.

church stained glass repair akron

Stained Glass Restoration for Akron Churches, Chapels, and Cathedrals

You can breathe new life into your stained glass and make it stronger than ever before with stained glass restoration. The colors will be more vibrant, the clarity better than ever, and any hazardous sections of loose pieces of broken glass will have been fixed during this process for a safer and more beautiful church building. And we’re here to guide you through the process.

At Church Stained Glass Restoration, our extensive knowledge and years of experience make us the most qualified and capable source for church stained glass restoration in Akron. We’ve conducted this process thousands of times before, and have helped countless churches save their precious stained glass windows. Now, we’re ready to do the same for your church.

akron church stained glass restoration

Restoration Process for Akron Church Stained Glass

Our restoration process begins with an onsite visit and evaluation to determine the extent of damage. We assess any bowing, sagging, cracks or other signs that your stained glass may be deteriorating before recommending repairs. Once our suggestions have been approved by you, we will begin the repairs as soon as possible!

The stained glass window is carefully removed from the church and taken to our studio. Then, it’s cleaned and carefully taken apart. The old lead caming, along with any severely damaged pieces of glass, is traded for new. Once it has been assembled back together, there are two final steps: one more clean up before sending it back home for re-installation!

The final step of the process is re-installing the stained glass. This is done carefully and sometimes with a specialized machine or equipment that has been set up for this task. Then, a protective covering will be added to guard against any threats they may encounter in future years; so no matter what situation arises, your church can enjoy its lovely windows from now on!

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Akron Religious Stained Glass Repair

We provide our services for churches of all ages and architectural types in Akron, belonging to any denomination. From minor repairs to complete restoration, we will be happy to help you out with your church’s needs.

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