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Church Stained Glass Restoration is honored to be the leading stained glass repair studio serving Austin and all its surrounding neighborhoods. As the industry leader in religious stained glass restoration, we’re happy to provide these exclusive benefits for Austin, Texas houses of worship. Regardless of what denomination your religious facility is, we can provide proper restoration that preserves the antique value of your beloved stained glass.

church stained glass restoration austin

Stained Glass Restoration for Austin Churches, Chapels, and Cathedrals

Austin has many diverse houses of worship throughout its beautiful neighborhoods and communities. From synagogues to cathedrals, these religious facilities feature some of the most gorgeous stained glass windows. Stained glass begins to naturally deteriorate when it hits 75-100 years old. These church stained glass windows can also fall victim to severe storms, vandalism, or other events that speed up the deterioration process. Restoring your church’s stained glass offers countless benefits that empower your community and preserve the glass’ antique value.

Restoration Process for Austin Church Stained Glass

When you begin to see signs of deterioration, it is important to reach out to a qualified stained glass repair studio. Signs of deterioration can include missing pieces of glass, cracked or damaged glass, disintegrating lead came, white dust appearing on the surface, discoloration, yellowing Plexiglass, and more. Finding the right stained glass studio is vital to maintaining the antique value of the glass and preserving it for another century.

Our restoration process begins with an onsite assessment of your stained glass. This assessment analyzes all the causes of deterioration to create an individually tailored restoration plan for your stained glass windows. Our assessment will also include a thorough cost-benefit analysis, project timeline, and comprehensive estimates. Once you decide to undergo restoration, we carefully transport your stained glass to our repair studio. The stained glass windows soak in a proprietary soap mixture for up to two weeks. This process eliminates dirt and impurities that have built up over the last century.

We meticulously take your stained glass window apart in order to restore the damaged glass pieces. By matching these stained glass pieces with individual pieces from our comprehensive inventory, we find perfect replacements for anything damaged. If your stained glass contains hand-painted elements, our stained glass artisans will carefully replicate the technique. Once all of the glass is restored, we create new lead came for your stained glass window. Black cement is then forced into all the cracks for optimal structural integrity.

When the black cement is set and dry, we polish your stained glass window and reinstall it back at your Austin church. After installation, congregation and clergy members are often shocked by the fresh, vibrant look of their cherished stained glass windows.

church stained glass repair austin

Austin Religious Stained Glass Repair

If your religious stained glass has minor damage, we can definitely help. These small repairs can typically be completed onsite and don’t require removal like restorations. In some cases, your stained glass window may require a good cleaning. We’re happy to provide cleaning and maintenance tips, and we also offer professional buffing.

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