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Expert Stained Glass Repair & Restoration

Church stained glass windows have the potential to last for hundreds of years. In terms of composition, they are quite structurally sound. Durable materials like lead caming and cement bind them together. However, after years of being exposed to the elements, they suffer some wear and tear and, as a result, begin to deteriorate. Stained glass restoration offers a solution for preserving these wondrous works of art for the enjoyment of future generations.

Church Stained Glass Restoration is a well-established and highly regarded stained glass studio that offers stained glass repair and restoration for churches in Bakersfield, California. Composed of expert craftsman, painters, and designers, our team is knowledgeable about all types and styles of stained glass and is well-equipped to handle repairs ranging in size and complexity.

stained glass repair restoration bakersfield

Stained Glass Restoration for Bakersfield Churches, Chapels, and Cathedrals

Church stained glass windows are so much more than a decorative piece of art. They are part of the church’s spirt and identity and contribute to the worship  experience.

Often, church members have sentimental attachment to the stained glass. It is part of their memories of growing up in the church and seeing it every Sunday morning. And because they love their church, they care deeply about its wellbeing and preservation. Looking up and seeing the sunlight stream through the stained glass during service is an emotional and deeply moving experience.

When you make the decision to restore your church’s stained glass windows, you are investing in the preservation of a holy House of God and the wonderful building that has served your congregation for years.

church stained glass restoration bakersfield

Restoration Process for Bakersfield Church Stained Glass

Our stained glass restoration process for Bakersfield churches, chapels, and houses of worship begins with an onsite consultation. This in-person visit allows us to get to know your church and observe the stained glass in detail. Once we’ve evaluated the condition of your stained or leaded glass windows, we’ll create a proposal for you to look over which will outline possible courses of action for the repairs.

Once we’ve received your approval, we’ll begin the repair process. We start by completing as many of the repairs as possible onsite. In the case that more extensive repairs are required and the stained glass needs to be taken apart, we will request to remove the stained glass so we can finish the remaining work in our studio. In this case, we will let each panel sit in a bath of cleansing solution to dissolve the muck and grime. Then, we will carefully take them apart.

Next, the damaged pieces of glass are replaced with new, matching pieces. We always try to operate conservatively in this process and preserve as much of the original glass as possible. If the glass has been hand-painted, one of our artists will recreate these details. Then, each panel is reassembled and reinforced with protective measures like cement and steel brace bars. As a final step, we touch up the stained glass by cleaning and polishing it to perfection.

Finally, the stained glass is ready to be brought back to your church. As a means of protection, we may recommend having safety glass installed over the windows to guard them from the elements. Once this process is complete, you can get back to enjoying your beautiful stained glass windows.

bakersfield religious stained glass repair

Bakersfield Religious Stained Glass Repair

In addition to full restorations, our experts are happy to advise on small repairs. If your Bakersfield church has stained glass windows that need repairs due to hail damage, vandalism, or minor accidents, we will be happy to consult on the matter and provide our expert services.

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