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Few things compare to the beauty of the church stained glass windows found in Columbia, Missouri. These lovely houses of worship, occupied by Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, Methodist, and Presbyterian congregations, are among the finest examples of architecture in the city, and stained glass windows are a common feature. Unfortunately, much of this stained glass is now in jeopardy due to the natural degradation process that occurs over time. At Church Stained Glass Restoration, our mission is to save and preserve these timeless works of art so they can continue to be enjoyed by future generations. Our religious stained glass restoration services provide Columbia houses of worship with a viable means of repairing damages of any severity.

columbia mo church stained glass restoration

Stained Glass Restoration for Columbia Houses of Worship

There are many reasons to preserve your Columbia church’s stained glass windows. If your church has been around for some time, the stained glass is likely old enough to be considered an antique. With proper dating and examination, you may find that its value far exceeds your expectations. Then there are more heartfelt reasons to consider. Perhaps the stained glass is regarded fondly by some of the senior members of your congregation, or maybe its beauty is invaluable because of the spiritual experience it provides.

Whatever your reasons are for restoring your stained glass, we’re here to help. We’ll conduct a thorough examination of each panel and develop a plan of action for conducting the necessary repairs. Once we’re finished, your stained glass will shine more beautifully than ever.

Restoration Process for Columbia Religious Stained Glass

Our company has been in business for over 30 years. During that time, we’ve conducted thousands of repairs on church stained glass windows. While we’re always searching for ways to improve our process, we’re also extremely confident in our abilities since we’ve gone through the steps so many times.

Before we begin any work whatsoever, we’ll come to your church to meet you in person and examine your stained glass. Then, we’ll create a report of our findings, which we’ll hand over to you for review. When you make a decision about the direction you want to proceed, we’ll get to work.

When it comes to church stained glass, we prefer to be thorough. Being detail-oriented and precise about our work results in a better end product. It also means that your restoration may take some time, but don’t worry. Once we’ve removed your stained glass, we’ll insert a piece of temporary glass in its place until the repairs are finished.

For large projects, we conduct all cleaning and repairs at our studio. Smaller projects are sometimes able to be completed onsite with minimal disruption. In either case, we’ll carefully remove the buildup on the stained glass, take it apart, and repair the damaged sections. In an effort to preserve its historic value, we’ll reuse as much of the original glass as possible.

Once we’re all finished with the repairs, we’ll bring the stained glass back to your church in Columbia. Then we’ll reinstall it and give everything a final look over. If all is well, the process should be complete, and you can once again enjoy your beautiful stained glass windows.

columbia mo church stained glass restoration

Columbia Church & Cathedral Stained Glass Repair

At Church Stained Glass Restoration, we understand that unexpected damage sometimes occurs to stained glass. In the event that your windows are broken by a sudden hail storm, tornado, or catastrophic event, we’ll help you make a plan for repairs and complete them as soon as possible. Even if it’s fixing a small crack or a damaged section, we’re happy to help.

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