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Dayton, Ohio

Stained Glass Repair & Restoration

Dayton was founded in 1796, making the city over 200 years old. Since its establishment, numerous religious groups have come to occupy the city and its surrounding suburbs, including groups from Christian, Lutheran, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu faiths. Notable churches include the First Lutheran Church, Sacred Heart Church, and Ginghamsburg Church, and are reminders of Dayton’s rich religious history as well as the important role that religion continues to play in the city. Many of these glorious houses of worship contain stained glass windows which are over 100 years old and are among Dayton’s most treasured works of art.

At Church Stained Glass Restoration, we have been performing the act of religious stained glass restoration for over thirty years. We have completed projects for all types of religious buildings including temples, churches, chapels, cathedrals, synagogues, and more. Whether you need repairs for a historic church in the Oregon District or a newer church in the Downtown area, we can help. Our stained glass repair and restoration services are available to churches all throughout the Dayton area, including the cities of Kettering, Beaver Creek, Huber Heights, and the surrounding areas, as well as the rest of Ohio.

church stained glass restoration dayton ohio

Stained Glass Restoration for Dayton Churches, Chapels, and Cathedrals

The world’s most famous stained glass windows are hundreds of years old! That means that when they’re maintained well, they can last a surprisingly long time. But eventually, dust and dirt builds up on their surface so much that it needs restoring. The leading came and metal bars which support the stained glass also need to be replaced eventually in order for the windows to remain structurally sound.

Restoring stained glass is a long and tedious process, but the results make it all worth it in the end. Not only are rare works of art saved from extinction, but with restoration they can be enjoyed for another 100 years! After cleaning and repairs have taken place, historic stained glass looks more lustrous than ever before. So if your Dayton church has any historical pieces of stained glass windows or doors that need repair—or even replacement—we would love to help you out!

church stained glass restoration dayton ohio

Restoration Process for Dayton Church Stained Glass

Stained glass restoration may sound like a simple process, but it is in fact an intricate one. The stained-glass assessment begins with the examination of its condition and age before devising a plan for repairs. During the inspection process, the examiner looks for signs of deterioration like cracks, chips, and loose pieces. Then, the expert will devise a plan of action for its restoration.

When your church gives us approval, we will proceed to work on your stained glass. If it is a small repair that can be completed in-house, then our expert artisans will fix it right there and then so you’ll have minimal downtime. However, if they are larger repairs or ones where pieces need to be taken apart, we will need to complete these at our workshop.

After soaking in a mild cleansing solution for up to 14 days, the stained glass is taken apart. Often, the lead caming is in a weakened state and must be discarded. Severely damaged pieces of glass are also exchanged for new replacement pieces. Then, any hand-painted details are recreated by skilled artists with great care. Finally, once all necessary repairs have been completed, the stained glass is put back together. Then, it is cleaned and polished to perfection.

Reinstallation is a delicate process that requires special tools and care.  But with an expert at work, you should have nothing but peace-of-mind as they install each window back where it belongs! Now take a step inside, gaze up at all those gorgeous windows once again and rejoice knowing this beautiful artwork will be enjoyed by many more generations in the future.

stained glass repair restoration dayton

Dayton Religious Stained Glass Repair

We know not all projects require complete restoration. If you need simpler repairs done instead of something as big as full-blown restoration, then we will be more than willing to help! Our religious stained glass repair service is available anywhere throughout the entire Dayton area.

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