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Deltona, Florida

Located along the northern shore of Lake Monroe and just 25 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, Deltona is one of the most beautiful cities in Florida. Deltona’s population is incredibly diverse, and includes Latino, Hispanic, German, Italian, and French residents. As such, a variety of religions are practiced in Deltona, including Catholicism, Christianity, Baptist, Methodism, and Pentecostalism. The main threat to churches in this area are hurricanes, floods, and tropical storms. These can cause severe damage to church stained glass windows, which can only be repaired by an experienced professional.

At Church Stained Glass Restoration, we are experts in repairing and restoring church stained glass. We have worked in churches that have been impacted by floods, hurricane-strength winds, vandalism, and all types of conditions. Our skill and experience allows us to flawlessly execute all kinds of repairs, ranging from mild to severe. If you are in need of church stained glass repair or restoration in Deltona, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, or the surrounding area, we would be honored to be part of your project.

church stained glass restoration deltona

Stained Glass Restoration for Deltona Churches, Temples & Cathedrals

Stained glass has become an iconic architectural feature of churches around the world. It is often a major defining characteristic and for that reason, many historic preservation projects include restoration of these pieces to ensure their longevity. Churches usually feel strongly about restoring their stained glass because it can carry sentimental or monetary value. Restoration also saves stained glass from extinction, so it can be enjoyed by future generations. Therefore, churches are eager to have them repaired so that they can be preserved and passed on from generation to generation with love.

Once stained glass windows reach a certain age, they begin to decay. This occurs because of the natural pressure from gravity on key structural components and discoloration due to oxidation. Cracking, bowing, and deterioration are also caused by exposure to elements like wind or rain. With restoration, Deltona churches can keep their  treasured art and avoid further damage.

church stained glass restoration deltona

Restoration Process for Deltona Church Stained Glass

You have a beautiful stained glass window in your church that needs to be restored and we’re here to help! Our team will visit your church in Deltona and evaluate the condition, age, and value of your stained glass before creating an accurate report outlining possible courses for restoration. Once you give your approval, we’ll proceed with restoring your art!

In most cases, we need to remove the stained glass in order for us to complete our repairs. The stained glass is carefully removed from the window frame, then packaged delicately, and brought to our studio. There, it is placed into a cleansing solution so that all of the dirt can be rinsed off before it is taken apart.

Next, a blueprint of the original design is created using computer-aided design. Broken pieces are exchanged for new ones and any deteriorated lead caming is replaced with fresh material. Then, one of our artists recreates hand painted details all over again! Once complete, we clean each panel until they’re as good as new in preparation for their return to your church in Deltona!

The stained glass windows are carefully returned to the church and mounted in their frames. Sometimes, a protective covering is added for protection against future damage. Once they’re all securely in position, the process is complete! Your church’s precious treasures can now be enjoyed for another 100 years!

church stained glass restoration deltona fl

Deltona Stained Glass Repair

We also provide our services for small repairs. If you have stained glass that has been impacted by a flood, hurricane, storm, or vandalism, we can help. We can restore your stained glass to its original beauty so that it can continue to be enjoyed within your church.

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