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Church Stained Glass Restoration Experts

Church Stained Glass Restoration is the country’s leading stained glass repair studio serving all of Kansas, including Garden City. Whether you are looking for a few drop-in repairs on cracked stained glass or the removal, restoration, and cleaning of towering windows, we are the nation’s experts. As an industry leader in religious stained glass restoration, we have worked on everything from small chapels to large cathedrals, preserving stained glass for generations to come.


Stained Glass Restoration for Garden City Churches, Chapels, and Cathedrals

Garden City has churches as diverse as the people who live here. These beautiful churches and the stained glass they hold enhance the community in which they reside. From synagogues to cathedrals, Garden City has a rich history of religious stained glass. However, stained glass begins to naturally deteriorate at about 75-100 years old. Churches built at the turn of the 20th century are starting to see issues with their glass, and now is the time to have them restored. Restoring your church’s stained glass has many benefits to both the church and the community at large. It preserves a piece of invaluable history for future generations and delights current parishioners. 

Church Stained Glass Aging and Repairs

As the stained glass on your church begins to deteriorate, there are plenty of signs: missing pieces of glass, cracked or damaged glass, disintegrating leading, white dust appearing on the surface, and more. This is the time to find a stained glass expert, like us here at Church Stained Glass Restoration. An expert restoration will ensure your stained glass maintains its antique value and lasts another 100 years. Our restoration process always begins with an onsite assessment of your stained glass to analyze the key causes of deterioration. Our assessment will also include a thorough cost-benefit analysis, project timeline, and comprehensive estimate. After these are delivered, we will consult with your church leader or committee to determine the best next steps and help with fundraising ideas.

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The Stained Glass Restoration Process

Should your Garden City church need a full stained glass restoration, our first step is to carefully remove the windows from your location. We then transport them back to our studio for repair and restoration. This always involves extracting each piece of glass, cleaning the glass, and then re-leading every single piece.  This process not only eliminates dirt and impurities that have built up over the last century, but it also fortifies the structure of the window with new lead. Once your stained glass is clean and re-leaded, we polish it thoroughly and install it back at your Garden City church. The vibrancy of restored stained glass never ceases to amaze our clients, and better yet, it will last for another 100+ years.  

Schedule Your Church Stained Glass Restoration Consultation Today

For more information on restorations and repairs for your Garden City religious stained glass, reach out to us at Church Stained Glass Restoration. We are happy to walk you through all the steps in person and help you with any internal logistics, like fundraising. We are passionate about stained glass and committed to proper restoration regardless of what state your stained glass may be in. Contact us today to schedule a free stained glass assessment for your Garden City church.