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Lakeland, Florida

Stained Glass Repair & Restoration

Lakeland was settled in the 1870’s, shortly after the American Civil War. The area developed quickly once rail lines reached the city and even more during the Spanish-American War. It was during this time that many of Lakeland’s historic buildings were constructed including the Terrace Hotel, Polk Theater, and an array of synagogues, temples, and churches. Today, many of these churches are nearing or over 100 years of age and contain some of the most lovely stained glass windows in all of Florida. The preservation of these churches and their stained glass is vital to the preservation of Lakeland’s art history and culture.

At Church Stained Glass Restoration, we are passionate about helping churches save their stained glass and preserve their history. We provide church stained glass repair and restoration services to the entire Polk County area, including Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Bartow. If you are concerned about the condition of your church’s stained glass windows and would like to have them professionally inspected, we would be overjoyed to hear from you.

church stained glass repair lakeland

Stained Glass Restoration for Lakeland Churches, Chapels, and Cathedrals

Stained glass windows are one of the oldest and most beautiful art forms. They’re becoming increasingly rare as many historic churches in America have lost their stained glass due to a lack of awareness about proper care and maintenance. Stained glass windows need regular upkeep and cleaning to prevent them from degrading over time. Restoration addresses these concerns, allowing stained glass windows to become stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

At Church Stained Glass Restoration, we are experienced with restoring priceless stained glass windows. Over the years, our skilled technicians have restored hundreds of historic church stained glass windows to their original condition and given them new life. We offer restoration services for churches all throughout Polk County, including Lakeland, Winter Haven, Bartow, Haines City, Auburndale, and Lake Wales.

church stained glass restoration lakeland

Restoration Process for Lakeland Church Stained Glass

The first step in the stained glass restoration process for your church should be an inspection. An expert can determine if professional care is required, but there are a few things you can do on your own to get started– just stand at the base of each window and look upward, scanning carefully for signs like sagging leading or cracks that indicate deterioration has set begun. If you see any red flags, reach out to our experienced professionals as soon as possible!

After we inspect and evaluate your stained glass, we will send you a proposal. This will describe our findings as well as contain the steps that need to be taken in order for us to restore it back into its original state of beauty. Once approved by you, we can begin the repairs.

When possible, we prefer to complete the repairs in our workshop. This allows us to work more efficiently and with more freedom than if were doing so on site at a church. We always try our best not only to preserve what parts can be saved but also maintain its appearance as closely as possible. At our studio, we use CAD to create digital blueprints which we use as a framework for replicating the original work. The stained glass is cleaned, repaired, painted, and assembled back together.

Once the repairs are complete, we will polish your beautiful stained glass and carefully install it back in place. You can enjoy its beauty for another hundred years to come!

church stained glass window repair lakeland

Lakeland Religious Stained Glass Repair

If you have stained glass windows in your church that have been impacted by flooding, wind, hail or vandalism then we can help. We provide complete restorations as well small repairs for minor damage.

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