Church Stained Glass in Milwaukee and Waukesha

Whether you live in Jewel Crest in Waukesha, or in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, you likely live among scores of lovely religious structures.  These houses of god are diverse and of every denomination.  From Mormon tabernacles to Catholic cathedrals, lovely religious structures are common to the MKE area of Wisconsin. One of the most beautiful and intricate components of many churches is stained glass windows. They are not only beautiful but preserve time and tradition. Sadly, these lovely church window works only last about 80 years before needing restoration. Many of the stained glass church windows in Milwaukee and Waukesha were built at the end-of-the-century which means if they aren’t restored soon then will be lost to disrepair

Getting Started with Your Milwaukee Church’s Stained Glass Restoration

The first step we take before restoring the stained glass on any church is come out and inspect them. This will allow us to work up our proprietary assessment for you, which can inform your next steps in the process without making it too difficult for church leaders or committee members involved with the restoration project.  This is also something that can help your Milwaukee or Waukesha church begin fundraising.

Our proprietary assessment includes: 

  • A restoration cost-benefit analysis
  • A project timeline from start to finish
  • A comprehensive estimate of repairs

To learn more about the full stained glass restoration process–read here.

Stained Glass Restoration for Milwaukee Non-Religious Properties

Non-religious properties throughout the area can also take advantage of our exclusive stained glass restoration and conservation services. Whether you’re looking for painted glass restoration for your commercial building or need a piece of antique glass restored in your home, we’ve got you covered. We’ve crafted a proprietary process for addressing structural integrity and aesthetics, ensuring you have properly preserved glass that can be enjoyed by future generations. Our process helps improve property value, bring your glass back to its original glory, and adds at least another century of product life. Experience an array of benefits that are only available with restoration. Restoration is required in order o avoid permanent damage and deterioration.

The Milwaukee/Metro Area’s Leading Source for Church Stained Glass Restoration

With our extensive experience in restoration and repair, you can count on us to be your congregations’ trusted partner. We can help guide the congregation through a seamless project as well as advise on fundraising efforts to ensure it is successful for both parties involved. For over 20 years we have been restoring stained glass windows across the nation.  

We attribute our success to a handful of principles: 

  1. Our use of traditional techniques and modern engineering.   
  2. Our extensive services include everything from stained glass cleaning to complete.
  3. Our commitment to preserving pieces of religious history for future generations.

If you believe your church’s stained glass is in need of restoration contact us today. We will come to inspect the work and discuss options with you free of charge.

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