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Stained Glass Repair & Restoration

Ventura County has a long history of being dedicated to the arts. During early years, the county was inhabited by the Chumash people who were known for their remarkable rock paintings and basketry. In the mid 1700’s, California became occupied by Spain. This led to the development of beautiful Spanish Colonial style churches all throughout the Oxnard area. Some of these churches such as the Mission San Buenaventura are, miraculously, still standing today. Stunning examples of stained glass can be found in Oxnard’s historic churches, many of which are old enough to be rare and valuable antiques. This makes the preservation of church stained glass in Oxnard a matter of upmost important.

Church Stained Glass Restoration is committed to preserving Oxnard’s beautiful church stained glass windows. Our stained glass repair and restoration services are available to the entire Ventura County area, including the cities of Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, and Venture, as well as nearby towns and suburbs.

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Stained Glass Restoration for Oxnard Churches, Chapels, and Cathedrals

Restoring your church’s stained glass can give it a new, refreshed appearance. Color and clarity are enhanced through the restoration process and damaged pieces are carefully replaced. This not only makes the stained glass stronger, but also adds to its value and beauty.

At Church Stained Glass Restoration, we’ve conducted this process thousands of times and have helped countless churches save their stained glass windows. Our extensive knowledge is unmatched in the industry and our years of experience make us your most qualified choice for church stained glass restoration in Oxnard.

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Restoration Process for Oxnard Church Stained Glass

We are a team with an intimate knowledge of the art and history of stained glass. Conservation is our number one priority, so we always strive to be conservative about repairs – replacing only what’s necessary when needed! While some pieces cannot easily be salvaged due to their age or condition, wherever possible we will try saving original materials so long as they haven’t passed that point where they cannot be used again.

Your church can keep its stained glass windows looking new and beautiful with a little help from us! Our experts will make an onsite evaluation to see if the window needs repairing, and then create a plan of attack based on our findings. Once you approve our proposal (and we hope you do), we’ll go to work to make sure your congregation’s cherished memories are preserved in this beautiful form once again.

During the restoration process, the stained glass windows from your church are carefully taken apart. Then, they are cleaned and improved with stronger materials. The beautiful artwork and original design are preserved with the help of our talented painters and artisans. New leading and cement are used to put your stained glass back together. Then, it is carefully cleaned one more time and polished to perfection.

The final step in restoring stained glass is carefully and precisely re-installing it. This can be done with a protective covering so that the windows are safe from any future threats they may come across. Now your church has beautiful, stronger stained glass that can be enjoyed for another decade!

church stained glass restoration oxnard ca

Oxnard Religious Stained Glass Repair

If you’re in need of some expert help with your Oxnard church stained glass, then look no further. Our company is happy to assist with projects of all sizes and if your needs are more minor than major, we are happy to provide our expertise on the matter.

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