st louis church stained glass repair restoration

St. Louis’ Trusted Church Stained Glass Repair Professionals

Every so often, we get to work in a city with beautiful historic churches and cathedrals. These buildings house some of the most magnificent stained glass windows in America and truly uplifting, spiritual places. When we visit St. Louis for a stained glass repair project, we know that we are in store for something remarkable. For us, it is an honor and a privilege to provide the services that help keep these invaluable artifacts in tact and preserve their beauty.

No matter what your project involves – whether it’s minor repairs or extensive restoration for an antique work – our team is up to the task. Our company has been in business for approximately thirty years and is considered by many to be the leading repair studio in the country. When you choose us, we will work with skill and dedication to make every detail of the repairs completely perfect so that your beautiful stained glass can shine like the glorious work of art that it truly is and the holy values it represents.

st louis church stained glass repair restoration

Stained Glass Repair for St. Louis Houses of Worship

In the 19th century, Catholic immigrants fled to the St. Louis area and erected numerous houses of worship. Many of these century-old cathedral still remain today, helping to keep the city’s story and history alive. Enclosed within their holy doors are some of the most enchanting stained glass windows ever laid eyes upon. They are true monuments and are as valuable to the religious community as they are to art history.

Unfortunately, many of these stained glass windows are undergoing a process of degeneration. This occurs when the components are exposed to sunlight, dirt, and contaminants for a period of time and is natural process for most works. Through stained glass restoration, this aging can be reversed and the work itself protected from future damage. This is a service that Church Stained Glass restoration is honored to provide to all St. Louis religious establishments.

Our Process for Restoring Church & Cathedral Stained Glass

The key to preserving the world’s valuable stained glass is through the process of restoration. While extensive, these repairs are a necessary act that must be performed for the greater good. The process can last for some weeks, but once it’s complete, the stained glass is stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

At Church Stained Glass restoration, we always begin each project with a thorough examination. We’ll visit your St. Louis church to see the stained glass and determine what repairs are needed. Then, we’ll compile a document that outlines possible plans of action for preservation. Once you inform us of your decision, we’ll remove the stained glass and take it to our studio for repairs.

Before we even so much as touch the inner workings of the stained glass panel, we will first go through a process of dating and documenting the work. This helps further inform our plans and ensures accuracy. Then, we’ll soak the panel in a tub of cleansing solution so it can be dismantled. Piece by piece, the entire composition is taken apart, cleaned delicately, and numbered.

We operate with a conservative mindset. Unless there are pieces that absolutely must be replaced, we will reuse all of the original materials. Many times, new leading is required, but most of the glass itself can be salvaged. If applicable, we will repaint all of the fine hand-painted details. Then, we will put the panel back together and secure it with cement and metal bracing.

Lastly, the stained glass is reinstalled in its original home. We will ship the completed panel back to your church and install it ourselves in person. Once this step is complete, you can enjoy your newly restored stained glass windows.

st louis church stained glass repair restoration

St. Louis Church Stained Glass Repair

At Church Stained Glass Restoration, we happily accept requests for small and medium-sized projects. If your stained glass has been damaged by hail, vandalism, strong gusts of wind, heat, or construction, we will gladly assess the damage and form a plan for repair.

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