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Though Stockton was officially incorporated in California in 1850, it had been inhabited by European settlers and immigrant workers for some time. The California Gold Rush brought immigrants from all around the world and Stockton became a busy river port because of its location along the San Joaquin River. Modern day Stockton continues to remain a diverse city and is home to many different religious institutions, including those belonging to Catholic, Baptist, Christian, Pentecostal, and Islamic congregations. The preservation of Stockton’s historic churches and stained glass windows is vital for the preservation of the city’s identity and culture.

Church Stained Glass Restoration is dedicated to the mission of preserving Stockton’s historic church stained glass windows. As experts in our field, we are well-versed in the art of stained glass conservation, and have successfully restored thousands of stained glass windows belonging to historic churches. We proudly serve the entire County of San Joaquin, including Stockton, Lodi, Tracy, Manteca, and the surrounding area.

church stained glass restoration stockton ca

Stained Glass Restoration for Stockton Churches, Chapels, and Cathedrals

When church members look up at stained glass windows, they are not just appreciating the craftsmanship and beauty. They see their memories of growing up in a place that has always been there for them during hard times. The way sunlight streams through these pieces is an emotional experience which can remind people why faith is important to have throughout life’s journey.

Because of this deep sentimental attachment, parishioners often feel strongly about preserving their church’s stained glass and will even go so far as to donate to the cause. Stained glass windows that are high quality or have been created by a famous artisan may have monetary value attached to them. This value may exceed the cost of restoration, making it more practical for churches to invest in repairs rather than dispose of their stained glass.

These are all important factors to consider when deciding whether or not to restore your church’s stained glass. When you work with us, we’ll make sure that you are aware of all the options available to you so that you can pursue the path that makes the most sense for your church.

church stained glass restoration stockton

Restoration Process for Stockton Church Stained Glass

We love stained glass and want to help you keep it in good shape! When we conduct an onsite visit, the first thing that will happen is an evaluation. This includes examining each window carefully for any cracks or damage (such as pieces of broken lead). After this initial consultation, we’ll create a proposal outlining our various courses of action so you can decide which one sounds best for your church’s needs before beginning work.

It’s time to renovate your stained glass! Once we’ve received your approval, our technicians will set up and begin the process of repairing the stained glass. We start by completing as many repairs onsite. If more extensive work is required then we will take the stained glass windows to our studio. They’ll be given a bath in a mild cleanser before being carefully taken apart.

Next, we replace any pieces of glass that are broken. We try to do this as conservatively and efficiently as possible while preserving the original stained-glass design in all its detail. If it’s a hand-painted piece, one of our artists will recreate these details for you before reassembling the pane with steel brace bars, cement, and new leading. Then, the stained glass will be cleaned and polished one final time.

Now the stained glass is finally ready to be brought back! Sometimes,  we recommend safety measures so it will be protected, allowing it to  last for generations. In this case, we will install protective glass over your windows to guard them from danger. Now, your church members will once again be able to enjoy gazing on this gorgeous art work.

church stained glass repair stockton california

Stockton Religious Stained Glass Repair

Our experts are happy to consult with churches in Stockton about any small repairs they may need. If your stained glass windows have been damaged by vandalism, hail damage, or a minor accident we will be more than willing to offer our expert services and advice.

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