wheat ridge church stained glass restoration

Wheat Ridge Congregational Church in Wheat Ridge, CO

Stained Glass Restoration Project

Wheat Ridge Congregation Church of the United Church of Christ, also known as the Wheat Ridge UCC, is a church located in Colorado. This church is one of the oldest continuously worshiping churches in the Denver metro area and was started in May of 1882. In 1956, the church moved to its present location and had its original stained glass window transferred as well.

The original stained glass window is about 100 years old and is believed to be an original Tiffany window. The congregation is uncertain of its origins as there were a few other studios that were using similar techniques during the time that this window was produced. Nevertheless, their original Tiffany-style stained glass was in desperate need of restoration and is a true hidden gem in the community.

This Tiffany-style stained glass window had bullet holes along with various cracks, deteriorating lead, bowing shape, and a century of dirt buildup. The original construction of the glass showcased only painted glass among the hands and faces of the piece, with drapery glass installed for the drapery. The heavily textured, original drapery glass is no longer in production and couldn’t be replicated. Additionally, the stained glass had old plexiglass that was installed on the exterior that caused further heat damage and an outdated look.

Since this window was believed to be a possible original Tiffany piece, our studio was committed to implementing conservation protocols rather than our usual restoration techniques.

church stained glass wheat ridge restoration

Our conservation experts used proprietary glass mending techniques that offer invisible, seamless execution when repairing the cracks throughout the window. This allowed us to complete the restoration without replacing any pieces and keeping the window entirely original. Due to a significant crack on the angel’s face, our painted glass specialist was able to touch it up on the original glass after executing our mending protocol.

We are humbled to have found this incredible gem in our community and the opportunity to successfully conserve the Tiffany-style window.

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