Houses of worship are meant to provide a physical connection between the congregation and their religious inspiration, encouraging beautiful, meaningful prayer and worship as much inspired by the beauty of our church’s surroundings as we are by the words of our community’s religious leaders. Stained glass often serves as a focal point, but eventually, stained glass repair is required to maintain the pristine appearance of your church. But how can you tell when your church needs stained glass repair?

How to Approach Stained Glass Repair

Evaluate your stained glass windows for signs of deterioration, including deteriorating waterproofing or sealants, windows that leak or rattle, drafty windows, dilapidated wooden or lead frames, peeling paint, cracks, or fading pigments.

You should always entrust stained glass repair to a professional. Professional stained glass repair technicians know the proper techniques and utilize superior tools and in-depth historical knowledge of different stained glass elements to complete your repair as true to its original form as possible.

Why You Should Trust a Professional for Stained Glass Repair

When poorly executed, stained glass repair can be even more damaging than deterioration. For this reason, repair is normally avoided at all costs until deterioration becomes advanced.Repair technicians are trained in evaluating the condition of stained glass and determining whether repair is necessary.

Repairing the stained glass in your church is an important task that should be left to the care and expertise of a professional team of technicians.

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