Reasons to Restore Your Historical Commercial Stained Glass in the New Year

December 31, 2022 in Aggrigate, Church Stained Glass Restoration, Stained Glass Restoration

Stained glass is a popular feature in both churches and historical buildings in Houston. This is because everything from stained glass signs in restaurants to stained glass transom windows in banks were popular architectural features in the early 20th century. 

Stained glass windows may last up to 100 years before they require restoration. If not properly maintained, however, they could fall into irreparable disrepair. Merely preventing deterioration is good enough reason to have them repaired regularly, but there are other excellent reasons as well.

Restoring Commercial Stained Glass is Good For the Community

If your Houston commercial stained glass is over 100 years old, it could qualify for community grants devoted to historical preservation. We have found that when we take on a job restoring historical stained glass windows, the entire community takes notice and often gets involved in supporting our fundraising efforts.

Restoring Commercial Stained Glass is Good For Business 

Stained glass is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also serves as a great marketing tool to bring in new customers and businesses. Your stained glass will be restored to its original brilliance, attracting attention and creating a lasting memory for your space. The money you invest now will pay off tenfold in the long run with increased foot traffic and repeat customers.

Restoring Commercial Stained Glass Preserves A Piece of Houston History

Stained glass windows are a crucial part of not only the history of Houston but also the world’s history. They often go unnoticed; however, they hold so much importance. If you take care of them and preserve them, you, in turn, are preserving a tiny piece of the area’s history. Doing such is an excellent way to keep the past alive while also possibly qualifying for historical grants.

Houston’s Historical Stained Glass Restoration Specialist

Please contact us for more information on starting your historical stained glass restoration. We would be delighted to come out and take a look at your glass. After we do, we’ll provide you with pricing and a timeline that works around your Houston business’s schedule.


St. Edward’s: Custom Church Stained Glass Feature

September 9, 2022 in Aggrigate, Church And Religious Stained Glass

We’re proud to announce the completion of our recent custom church stained glass project for St. Edward’s church. Based in Pennsylvania, the church looked across the nation to find a studio to help with their project. They wanted to create a commemorative piece for their pastor that had recently passed away. They also wanted to create better function and privacy by replacing their big observatory window that overlooked the main street, helping hide the view during service. After speaking with various companies, they chose us to create this custom window.

The Custom Church Stained Glass Process for Pennsylvania

Since this project took place during the pandemic, we had to rely on electronic communications for the design process when we would’ve completed this in person. We designed a variety of versions of the tree of life design they had requested. During the review process, Father Rick mentioned that he was interested in creating another piece in the future that showed his favorite Bible teaching – Jesus on the Sea of Galilee. We decided to make this design and presented it. Father Rick and the church fell in love and chose this one for construction. We wanted to add depth to the design and did so through shading and painting. We also wanted to include some diversity among the figures that were in the stained glass and create calm waters to symbolize the calm after the storm. While we ran into some installation challenges, we were able to create a successful continuous piece.

Work With the Nation’s Leading Church Stained Glass Specialist

Church Stained Glass Restoration is honored to be the leading church stained glass specialist serving the nation. We do both restoration and custom pieces and would love to help you with your upcoming project. We’re grateful to have had the chance to create such a powerful piece. Contact us today!

Questions to Ask for Your Church Stained Glass Restoration Project

June 27, 2022 in Aggrigate, Church And Religious Stained Glass, Church Stained Glass Restoration, Stained Glass Restoration

All church stained glass needs restoration at some point in its lifetime. Whether you’ve recently started to notice signs of damage in your church windows like cracked or missing pieces, bowing glass, or sagging lead caming, or are thinking about the future and the conservation of your stained glass, it’s always a good idea to consult an expert. Continue reading »

7 Unbelievably Beautiful Churches with Stained Glass in the U.S.

May 15, 2022 in Aggrigate, Church And Religious Stained Glass

Stained glass was once used to decorate homes of the elite in ancient Rome. In time, church stained glass windows became prevalent as an essential decorative element for chapels, cathedrals, and other religious buildings. The clergy used the imagery depicted in the stained glass to educate and inspire the congregation. Today, stained glass continues to play an important role in churches, connecting the present with the past. Below, we’ve discussed seven of the most spectacular churches with stained glass in the U.S. Continue reading »

Commercial Stained Glass Restoration

November 13, 2021 in Church Stained Glass Restoration

While we specialize in church stained glass restoration, our team is also highly experienced with commercial stained glass projects. Whether you’re looking for a full conservation project or simple repairs to your historic commercial stained glass, we’ve got you covered.

For more information regarding our commercial stained glass services, please contact us!

Things to Consider Before Restoring Church Stained Glass

August 30, 2021 in Aggrigate, Stained Glass Restoration

If your church is 80 years old or more and has stained glass windows, then it may be time to consider restoration. Restoring these pieces of history can help preserve their integrity and value.  However, the decision to restore is not one to take lightly.  Below are some considerations for your congregation.

Pros and Cons of Restoring Church Stained Glass

Pro: Antique Church Stained Glass Has Monetary Value

 The stained glass windows in your church may not appear to be worth a lot but they may be.  The materials used, the studio that made them, and current condition all determine how much it is worth. However, one thing is for sure– restoring old stained glass increases is a way to increase their value even more!

Pro: Antique Church Stained Glass Has Historical Value

 Stained glass from the early days of this city has a lot of historical value for churches and their communities alike. Some church stained glass is more historically valuable than others depending on which studio made it, what materials were used in construction, where your parish resides within the area, etcetera. Preserving these windows not only helps to keep local history alive but also provides a means to preserve local and parish traditions and art.

Pro: Antique Stained Glass Has Sentimental Value

One of the best things about church stained glass restoration is preserving the sentimental value.  Stained glass in churches has been a fixture throughout the years, and many congregation members really love it. By having it restored you allow congregants to hold on to memories from years past and create new ones for future generations as well!

 Con: Church Stained Glass Restoration is Expensive

 Stained glass restoration can be expensive. It all depends on the size and scope of repairs that need to happen, but it’s especially true when an entire frame must be taken down or reconstructed with new materials. This cost may prove prohibitive for churches with limited funds at their disposal.  However, many times there are historical grants available from local organizations.  Also, we can guide you with fundraising ideas that we have seen work in the past.

Con: Church Stained Glass Restoration can be Time-consuming

A church stained glass restoration project often includes several windows and many square feet of repairs. This means the process is lengthy, but it also offers an opportunity to improve a building’s aesthetics in ways that might not have been possible before. It takes time to match colors from over 100 years ago, so if your church is considering restoration make sure you account for having our studio remove all the damaged pieces and repair them in our studio for up to a year.

For more information on stained glass restoration and to schedule an inspection contact us today.

Church Stained Glass Restoration FAQ

August 23, 2021 in Aggrigate, Church Stained Glass Restoration

A church’s stained glass windows are more than just a pretty feature. They’re the key to unlocking secrets of the past and the church’s history, as well as a means of insight about its present and future. Church stained glass windows display symbolism that represents the values and teachings of the church and provide a deeply moving and spiritual experience for onlookers.

It’s no wonder that when it comes time to make repairs, most churches are more than willing to invest in stained glass restoration. However, this process may be confusing to those who are unfamiliar with its steps and intricacies. To shed some light on the matter, we’ve provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about restoration below. Continue reading »

Restoring the Stained Glass Windows in the Historic Vernon A.M.E. Church in Tulsa

June 14, 2021 in Aggrigate, Church And Religious Stained Glass, Church Stained Glass Restoration

Over the years that we’ve been restoring church stained glass windows, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of how churches are connected to their community. In addition to their religious work, churches provide important services like education, public health services, charitable services such as clothing drives and food supply. They do this all without asking anything in return. Continue reading »

Why Most Churches Use Fundraising to Restore Stained Glass

March 22, 2021 in Aggrigate, Stained Glass Restoration

Stained glass is something almost every church and a member thereof take pride in. It represents the history of the congregation. This is why preserving these historical glass treasures is something we strongly encourage. We have yet to work with a church that wasn’t thrilled to see the glass they love restored to its former glory. However, to get to this point–financial hurdles must first be overcome.

Why Church Stained Glass Restoration is an Investment

It likely cost a fair amount to have installed in the first place. Therefore preserving the life and luster of antique stained glass will likely require a substantial financial investment still today to preserve. The investment is well worth it, as we have noted, since it keeps these beauties intact for another 100+ years for future generations. Like other non-profit institutions churches rarely have a lot of extra cash on hand; which is why churches often need to fundraise to sponsor the stained glass restorations we do for them. We have done countless jobs of this nature and have seen church congregations come together with a ton of great ideas to secure the money needed to have their iconic windows restored. Below are just a few of them

Fundraising Ideas for Church Stained Glass

Fundraising is certainly not a new concept for non-profit organizations. But we wanted to outline some of the most successful things we have seen in the past.

  1. Bake Sale:  Traditional and simple–holding a special bake sale, especially around the holidays is a great way to raise money for your church’s new stained glass
  2. Silent Auction:  This type of fundraiser gets local businesses involved in donating products and services–that sometimes auctions much higher than sticker price!
  3. Special Tithe/Offering:  Handing out a separate tithe basket each service is a constant reminder to your church body of your need for funds specifically for your windows.  Consider decorating the basket to make it fun for people to give.
  4. Grants:  There are many historical grants out there to preserve stained glass in older churches–check with your local historical society if your glass is more than 80 years old.
  5. Social Media Posts:  In this day and age, many churches are online. By posting on your church’s social media accounts you get the message out to more people than just your members.
  6. Email Blasts:  If you have an email blast for your church, be sure to always include a link to a stained glass window fundraising page.  If you don’t have one, talk to your members about starting one–likely someone in your congregation can donate their time to set one up.  This type of marketing works really well is done continuously throughout the year.

For more information on ways to fundraise to restore your church stained glass to new–reach out to us today!