How Long Does it Take to Restore Stained Glass in Historic Churches?

May 4, 2018 in Aggrigate, Church Stained Glass Restoration

Proper restoration is required in order to preserve the beautiful religious stained glass featured throughout historic churches across the nation. These antique stained glass pieces begin to showcase sever signs of deterioration and age around the 75 year to 100 year mark. As these stained glass panels reach this age, it’s important for churches to begin considering restoration. Although restoration can be a quite lengthy, time-consuming process, it can actually add another 100 years to your stained glass’ life and increase your church’s property equity.

Historic Church Stained Glass Restoration Process

Our local stained glass artisans begin restoration by visiting your historic church to conduct an assessment of your stained glass needs and priorities. This assessment determines underlying causes of deterioration, cost-benefit analysis, as well as project length and cost. Once you’ve decided to undergo restoration, we transport your stained glass windows back to our repair studio. Your stained glass windows are then bathed in our proprietary soap blend for up to two weeks. This process delicately removes any dirt or impurities built up from the last century and also allows us to remove the stained glass piece-by-piece. We then repair or replace every damaged piece of glass with a corresponding, matching one. This is either found in our inventory or custom blown. We also responsibly remove the lead came and replace it with a new mixture of lead and tin for optimal strength. This part of restoration can take up to two weeks, especially if there are hand painted features that need to be replicated and baked in our kiln. Your stained glass is then set with black cement to ensure durability. The entire process can take over a month for restoration.

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Re-Installation of Your Restored Church Stained Glass

We re-install your newly restored stained glass with reinforcement bars or with an additional piece of glass if recommended in the assessment. You’ll be shocked by the luminosity and beauty of your original stained glass!

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Repair Or Replace? Which Is Better For Your Church’s Stained Glass

April 24, 2018 in Aggrigate, Church Stained Glass Restoration

Should My Church Have Its Stained Glass Restored Or Replaced?

When it comes down to whether or not it is worth the sometimes long and expensive repair process to repair your church’s stained glass, it really comes down to being a case by case situation with a number of factors that churches must consider. There is no “one or “right” answer, and the decision lies with the church staff and congregation as a whole, who have carefully weighed each option. However, to help you better understand what is at stake when your church is beginning restoration talks, we have outlined a few things to think about.

Consider The Monetary Value Of Your Church’s Stained Glass

Stained Glass is as beautiful as it is valuable. This is especially true because value can come from a variety of areas. However, the actual monetary value is something to consider. In terms of value, many things play a factor in the estimated cost of your stained glass. Things like condition, age, and artisan all play their part. However, a general rule of thumb is– a restored original piece of antique stained glass will be about 4X more valuable than that of a new/replaced piece.

Consider The Sentimental Value Of your Church’s Stained Glass

If you have old stained glass in your church, it is likely true that there have been a fair share of blessed events under its beautiful light. There are those in your church who were married beneath them and others who said their final goodbyes. In cases like this, where you have many parishioners who cherish the glass for sentimental reasons, no monetary amount will replace them, so restoration may be a good idea.

Consider The Historical Value Of Your Church’s Stained Glass

Beyond the monetary or sentimental value, may lie value of a historical nature, depending on the time period it was created or craftsman who created your glass. Glass made in the early 20th century is very well and uniquely crafted and holds deep historical value in regards to early American history. If your church’s stained glass is still in relatively good repair and intact, it may have been made by a stained glass master of the time, its value is significantly higher, historically speaking.

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About How Long Do Church Stained Glass Restorations Take?

March 28, 2018 in Aggrigate, Church Stained Glass Restoration

Types Of Stained Glass Repairs And Timelines

A question we often get from churches that are considering repairing their aging stained glass is–How long will it take? It is a very good question and it makes sense that churches would be concerned about this since renovations are known to be disruptive and lengthy and could lead to an interruption in services or activities within the church. While we would love to tell you repairs are simple, quick and easy all the time, the truth is– it depends on the state of your stained glass. Repairs could take anywhere from a single day up to a year depending on the size and scope of your stained glass restoration. That being said, the time it takes to repair church stained glass is really a case by case situation. However, to help you get an idea about how long repairs for the stained glass on your church will take, we have put together a quick guide for your below.

Stained Glass Cleaning Timeframe

Stained glass cleaning pretty easy to estimate and generally takes about a day. However, for large chapels, with larger windows, the cleaning will always take a bit longer due to the size and difficulty in reaching them. In this case, we may need to set up scaffolding which adds extra time. Also, if windows have not been cleaned in a very long time, the process may take longer. Understandably, cleaning is never a job to be hurried because it could lead to damage.

Minor Repairs To Broken Stained Glass Pieces Timeframe

If your church windows have a couple of pieces of broken glass, the repair can usually be done fairly quickly by a trained professional. This work is called a “drop-in,” “stop-in,” or “open-lead” repair which means soldering the joint to replace a few small pieces of broken glass. In the case that you have or need Zinc caming, this process will take longer because of the need for folding it back to repair or replace the old glass, and then re-soldering the joints.

Replacement Stained Glass Timeframe

Replacement glass, that matches the original pieces of glass in your cathedral windows, can be difficult and costly for us to find or make. In fact, the process of recreating antique glass is usually what takes up most of the time these types of repairs. In order to replicate glass, we sometimes need to do a few iterations before we get it right. With so many glass colors and textures used in the past, often times with “secret” formulas, pinpointing exactly what needs to be done can take time. But, rest assured we are the best studio for doing so.

Structural Repairs On Stained Glass Timeframe

This is the most the repair that takes the longest because both the stained glass and structural elements essentially need to be rebuilt. This includes things like windows that have detached from the saddle bars and begun to sag, bulge, or bow. In order to complete the job we first carefully remove the glass, one piece at a time, repair it off-site, them bring it back restored. This also includes rebuilding the entire frame structure. All of this takes some time– up to a year in some cases. However, is totally worth it once you see the magnificence and beauty that was lying hidden in your church this whole time!


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